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Michigan Education Digest

Education grants; state-mandated curriculum; debating merit pay.  … more

News Release: Wetlands

Congress shouldn't have the power to govern every drop of water. … more

A Little Rebellion

Sheldon Rose captures Jefferson's "spirit of resistance to government." … more

Peter the Great

Dr. Peter T. Leeson is a former Center intern. We'll say we knew him "when. ..." … more

Simply Revolutionary

Louis Schimmel has shown that managing the basics is a profound public service.  … more

Historic Failure

Those who ignore history repeat it. Are state officials forgetting 1850?  … more

Michigan Education Digest

Student count days; early MEAP preps; starting school after Labor Day.  … more

House Broken?

The state House sends a dog to the Senate to foul a 154-year state tradition. … more

Cap Size?

The Headlee state spending cap may no longer provide enough ballast.  … more

No Yoke

Liberalism used to involve freeing people, not hitching them to the state plow.  … more

Michigan Education Digest

The passing of Sandra Feldman; ACT ousts MEAP; Holland teachers to strike?  … more

Swine Bar

If disaster relief is truly a federal priority, just say "no" to pork barrel spending. … more

Human Interest

The real returns on human capital come from state policy, not federal.  … more

Water Proof

Evidence points to the success of water privatization. … more

Board Game

Not many Detroiters voted in the school board primary. Maybe they had a point.  … more

Michigan Education Digest

Holland teachers, Katrina student grants, school after Labor Day. … more

Transforming Michigan

The Mackinac Center proposes a 10-step recovery program for Michigan.  … more

After the Deluge

Statesmen, if any remain, have been drowned out since the Katrina flood. … more

Ivory Power

Universities hike tuition because they can. Markets would bring them back to earth. … more

Mercurial Regulation

New state mercury standards would rest on uncertain grounds, with definite costs.  … more

Michigan Education Digest

Teacher poll, union request, fingerprint squabble. … more

Taking Measures

Patrick J. Wright sizes up eminent domain abuse for a state House committee.  … more

Tough Propositions

Education reformers are recommending more difficult school curricula. … more

Supreme Irony

Senate judicial activists want to grill Judge Roberts. Ironically, they're right to do so. … more

City Fall?

Michael D. LaFaive addresses the decline, decline and decline of Detroit. … more

Telecom Relay

State telecom reform is finally out of the starting blocks. It's time to finish the race. … more

Michigan Education Digest

Union ousted; GRPS busses; Lansing schools offer help to Katrina evacuees. … more

$18 Million Contract Statement

The MEA's largest school district has contracted its busing to a private firm.  … more

Twilight Zone

The airline strike may be the sunset of unions, whose "unity" means "exclusion." … more

Michigan Education Digest

DPS teacher contract, Lakeview insurance, state report cards. … more

Number Cruncher

You live in Michigan. You think the U.S. economy is still weak. You're wrong. … more

Pain Threshold

David L. Littmann has a question for Michigan policymakers: Does it hurt yet? … more

Poverty Trap

Increasing the minimum wage can actually worsen poverty over the long run. … more

Community Service

U of D Jesuit High School and Academy stands "like the Rock of Gibraltar." … more

Do the Math

"Reform board" = $259 million tax error. Private scholarships = good + affordable.  … more

Michigan Education Digest

DPS labor crisis, Brother Rice ruling, school spending petition. … more

700 Years After

William Wallace lives on in the memory of those who love liberty. … more

Union Carded

The state Court of Appeals has stopped the MEA from entering Catholic schools. … more

Taxing Situation

Michigan's rock-bottom economy may have stopped plunging. Time to cut taxes!  … more

Passion for Money?

You can't bribe students into a "positive passion for the public good."  … more

Michigan Education Digest

Districts outsourcing, DPS' illegal taxes, MEA lawsuit. … more

Price-less Education

State school funding guarantees cannot rescind the laws of economics. … more

Suitable for Children?

How does an MEA lawsuit spell "relief"? "C-L-O-S-E--S-C-H-O-O-L-S." … more


On Aug. 14, Social Security turns 70. Don't be numbed by the party noise. … more

Where's the Beef?

The 100-year-old complaint against meat packaging goes rancid on inspection. … more

Burnley's Choice

The former Detroit schools CEO attests to the power of competition. … more

Spreading the Sunshine

MichiganVotes.org is bringing stellar transparency to other state governments. … more

It's Called "the Initiative"

The Board of State Canvassers should read the Michigan Constitution. … more

Judgment Call?

Telecommunications should be taken out of the commissions and the courts. … more

Contract Payments

More Michigan school districts are reaping rewards from major privatization.  … more

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