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Will Michigan Have Its First Unionized Parochial School?

The state's largest school employee union has a $10 million deficit, and it wants more mandatory dues payers. … more

Headlee Amendment Has Limited Taxes for 25 Years

Michigan could do even better by following the example of Colorado's 'Taxpayer Bill of Rights.' … more

State Should Remain Neutral in Labor Dispute

Governor Granholm should not intervene in the Northern Michigan Hospital strike without compelling proof of harm to the public. … more

A New Baseball Statistic, Revisited

The Detroit Tigers' record so far of 28 wins and 77 losses could push the 'subsidies to victories' ratio to new heights. … more

'Draculand' Wants Your Blood and Your Money

Romanian central planners could learn a lesson from failed government entertainment projects in Michigan. … more

Giving Laptops to Sixth-Graders Won't Improve Their Education

The Legislature's $39 million plan will almost certainly be a colossal waste. … more

Repeal the Michigan Control Shares Acquisition Act

A takeover attempt of Taubman Centers, Inc. has inspired legislation to make a bad law worse. Should there be any anti-takeover laws? … more

We're All Licensees Now

State licensure for a host of common occupations may be one step closer. … more

Stronger Incentives for Organ Donation Save Lives

Recent news stories highlight a new approach to organ donations. … more

Michigan's High Teacher Salaries and Student Performance

It will take more than money to improve student achievement and reward good teachers. … more

Character for a Free Society

The life of Joseph P. Overton exemplified the virtues necessary for a free society to flourish. … more

Budget Cut in Jobs Bureaucracy Is a Step in the Right Direction

Governor Granholm and the Legislature should finish the job and eliminate the Michigan Department of Economic Development. … more

MEA Tells Teachers to Quit Reading Mackinac Center Journal

MEA officials apparently don't want teachers to read literature that isn't filtered through the union. … more

Michigan's Un-Dead Death Tax

Bill aims to fill state coffers by resurrecting one of the most hated taxes of all. … more

Privatization: Fashionable and Sensible

Socialists once argued that the whole economy should be converted to function like one big Post Office. No one argues that anymore. … more

Boeing Bidding War Is Unprincipled

Mackinac Center Adjunct Scholar Paul DeLespinasse explains that tax law should be applied equally. … more

Americans Work Until Today to Pay for Government

Until today, the earnings of working Americans this year have gone to support their government at all levels. … more

Lessons from the First Airplane

The Wright brothers invented their successful plane a century ago, beating out government-subsidized competition. … more

Teamsters May Lose Petoskey Hospital Strike

Missteps could lead to the union's removal. … more

Does the Michigan Economic Development Corporation Even Matter?

The more a state spends on 'economic development,' the greater its economic output -- right? … more

Joseph P. Overton Funeral Today

The Mackinac Center is closed on Monday, July 7. … more

The True Meaning of Patriotism

Celebrate Independence Day as it was meant to be celebrated -- with passion and verve. … more

Mackinac Center Mourns Loss of Leader

Obituary, funeral details, and tributes to Joseph P. Overton. Updated frequently. … more

Independent Ideas Are Needed to Save Money

Government agencies aren't always forthcoming with ways to trim their own budgets. … more

Independent Ideas Are Needed to Save Money

Government agencies aren't always forthcoming with ways to trim their own budgets. … more

Michigan Education Digest

Affirmative action; shorter school days; voucher results; public school competition; and more. … more

Michigan Education Digest

Affirmative action; shorter school days; voucher results; public school competition; and more. … more

Legislation May Result in Less Low-Income Housing

Should tax policy favor non-profits in competition with for-profit builders? … more

Prescription Drug Ads: Problem or Solution?

Michiganians might be healthier, wealthier, and wiser with more -- not less -- drug advertising. … more

Stores and Shoppers Under Attack

Quick! What's easy to hate, but also wildly popular? … more

Michigan Education Digest

Bush praises states' education reform; four-day school week; school choice and urban renewal; and more. … more

We Can Stop the Spam

An alternative to government regulation of spam. … more

Federal Subsidy for Private Car Ferry Service

If someone robbed Fort Knox and spent his loot in Muskegon, would that be 'economic development?' … more

The Organ Donation Crisis

A columnist changes his mind on financial incentives for organ donations (.pdf document). … more

100 Years after Ford's Better Idea

The story of Henry Ford's car company is a tribute to Michigan's embrace of free enterprise. … more

School Unions Delay Education Reforms

A Hoover Institution scholar writes for the Detroit News 20 years after 'A Nation at Risk.' … more

The Committee on Cool

What could possibly be less cool than both government and a committee? A government 'committee on cool.' … more

Stealth School Elections Today?

Did you know that school elections are being held across the state today? … more

Letter to an Artist Friend

President Lawrence Reed makes the case for private support for the arts. … more

Contract Out School Services Before Laying Off Teachers

Privatizing bus, cafeteria, and custodial services can save teachers' jobs. … more

Protecting Marine Resources

The Mackinac Center will help Michigan high school students debate government's role in marine resource conservation. … more

The Driving-Point Tax: A River of Money Could Corrupt Cops, Courts

Lawmakers want to impose a new tax on the points you receive on your driving record. … more

History Shows Markets, Not Politicians, Should Set Gas Prices

New legislation to impose price controls on gas in Michigan would hurt far more than it would help. … more

The Mackinac Center will use Economic Model to Analyze Michigan Tax Proposals

The Mackinac Center can now estimate how new tax proposals will affect Michigan's economy … more

Mackinac Center says Supreme Court FMLA Ruling Opens Dangerous Policy Door

Robert Hunter tells why the federal government shouldn't take charge of states' personnel policies. … more

Should Government Hand Out Economic Favors? One Perspective on the MEDC

Michael LaFaive explains to a businessman why government favors to business are a bad idea … more

Whose Mailbox Is It Anyway?

A citizen discovers who really owns his mailbox. … more

Government Should Neither Favor nor Oppose Labor Unions

Paul Kersey's speech to members of the Grand Rapids Chamber of Commerce. … more

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