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Will Southfield Privatize the Arts?

The Detroit suburb is considering selling its poorly managed and underused performing arts center. … more

Sinking Proposal A

A bill that would allow school districts to use "sinking funds" for the same purposes as regular school bonds would effectively circumvent Proposal A's property tax limits. … more

Pushing the Right Buttons

A bill introduced in Congress by U.S. Rep. Charlie Norwood would address "push-button unionism" and other defects of federal labor law. … more

Privatize the "Porkies"

Does the state really belong in the ski resort business? … more

An Open Letter to Legislators

A nationally recognized economist explains what sound economic development policy is, and what it is not. … more

Enron, Worldcom, and Congress

Are more laws really the answer to corporate financial scandals? … more

Privatizing Prisoners

It's time to reform a state program that uses cheap prison labor to provide goods and services at the expense of private-sector businesses. … more

Hunting for Pork

With the help of lavish government subsidies, an out-of-state sporting goods company unfairly competes with a Michigan institution. … more

Privatization and the Blues

Why privatizing Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan is a good idea. … more

Government's Bad "Investments"

A government "economic development" program is boldly going where three have failed before. … more

Michigan: A Renaissance State?

The tax relief bestowed upon certain government-selected "Renaissance Zones" should be applied throughout the entire state of Michigan. … more

The Feds vs. "Big Food"

The federal government has found a new crisis to valiantly battle: America's alleged "obesity epidemic." … more

Teaching Our Teachers

Should education courses be a primary focus of a teacher education program? … more

Cigarette Taxes Financing Terrorism?

Terrorists may be profiting from the resale of cigarettes smuggled from low-tax states such as North Carolina into high-tax states such as Michigan. … more

Drug Price Controls the Wrong Prescription

Political proposals to control drug prices don't take into account how "expensive" drugs help prevent even costlier treatments such as surgery. … more

The Crystal Gazer of Crystal Falls

Michigan's Emil Hurja helped transform American politics by pioneering the use of polling data. … more

Remembering Jefferson

Inspiring words from the author of the Declaration of Independence. Happy Independence Day from the Mackinac Center! … more

Repeal the Item Pricing Act

An outdated law prohibits Michigan retailers from taking advantage of cost-saving electronic price labeling.  … more

Summer Reading

Why not improve your mind while you work on your tan? See this list of classic free-market books to take to the beach. … more

Gold and Unemployment

A student Asks the Economist about how a gold standard would affect the unemployment rate. … more

Former Mackinac Center Scholar on C-SPAN

C-SPAN's "American Writers" series explores the life and work of Russell Kirk this weekend. … more

Michigan Wants School Choice; Not Necessarily Vouchers

New poll shows 67% support a Mackinac Center-style plan.  … more

No Autonomy for Special Ed

New special education rules make few changes for districts, students. … more

Dioxin Fear Makes Bad Policy

Unsubstantiated allegations of risk tarnish the reputation of a healthy community.  … more

Assaulting Free Speech by Suing

Washington Post columnist George F. Will predicts the Mackinac Center will easily defeat the MEA's "frivolous" lawsuit in court.  … more

Ingham County Commissioners Trample Employee Rights

County Commissioners improperly send letter approving unionization.  … more

Emergency Financial Manager Needs More Power

The Legislature needs to expand the authority of Emergency Financial Managers. … more

"Statesmanship: A Most Worthy Cause"

The best politician knows how to deftly manipulate the levers of power for personal advantage, but the statesman's allegiance is to loftier objectives. … more

Sinking Fund Debt - Another Proposal A End Run

A bill before the Legislature would allow school districts to do an "end run" around Proposal A. … more

Redford District Must Prove Sound Financial Management

Voters reject tax increase for Redford Union schools. … more

New Data Bolster Finding of Right-to-Work Report

A new study by two Ohio University economists bolsters the argument for a Michigan right-to-work law. … more

Election Consolidation?

Combining school and other elections would improve turnout and accountability. … more

Minority Students Achieve

A privately managed charter school in Flint is helping disadvantaged kids learn. … more

More Charter Schools?

A bill to raise the number of charter schools Michigan public universities can authorize failed in May, but may be revisited this month. … more

"Merit Pay" for Teachers

Should outstanding teachers be able to earn more than their peers with average or mediocre ability? … more

"Strict Discipline Academies"

Dealing with students whose conduct threatens the safety of school staff and other students. … more

The Next Energy Boondoggle?

Gov. Engler's attempt to involve the state in development of alternative energy sources is sure to be a fiasco. … more

Administrative Costs Soar

A growing percentage of Michigan public school funds are spent on administration rather than on teaching. … more

Schools to Get Grades

The State Board of Education has adopted a plan to give schools a letter grade according to their performance. … more

Got Taxes?

The federally mandated fees used to fund agricultural ad campaigns are disproportionately drawn from small-time farmers. … more

Time to Dispatch the 9-1-1 Mandate

An unfunded federal mandate regarding 9-1-1 services is causing a mess and costing a fortune. … more

Cut Taxes on Jobs

Congress should abolish the federal unemployment tax and allow states to run their own unemployment programs. … more

The Lottery and Schools

Michigan's state lottery, sold to voters as a way to provide additional funds for education, has turned out to be no great windfall for schools. … more

Where in the World Is School Choice?

A Michigan home schooler's victory in the National Geography Bee provides the latest example of why more parents want alternatives to mediocre public schools. … more

MEA Attacks Mackinac Center

Watch the Mackinac Center/Institute for Justice press conference on the MEA's lawsuit.  … more

It's the Spending, Stupid

Repealing Michigan's costly prevailing wage law would help balance the state budget.  … more

The MEA vs. Free Speech

Why is the Michigan Education Association suing the Mackinac Center? … more

Terms of Service

Gov. Engler has re-appointed Director of Labor Policy Robert Hunter for another term on the Michigan Civil Service Commission. … more

Currency Exchange Rates

A student Asks the Economist about exchange rates among world currencies. … more

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