Features and Highlights

Down is Up

Falling enrollment could mean more educational options for Detroit students. … more

Maize Maze

Russ Harding describes the environmental impact of ethanol. … more

Michigan Education Digest

Home-school legislation, MEAP results, win an iPod. … more

News Release: School Union Contracts Made Public

Center’s school databases will now provide access to all collective bargaining contracts for Michigan local school districts. … more

A Good Budget Ruined

Ann Arbor's city-owned golf courses are losing money. … more

Every Vote Counts

Lawrence Reed discusses the merit of the Electoral College. … more

Powering Competition

The evidence shows that electricity competition benefits customers. … more

Star Struck

Targeted tax breaks for Hollywood won't help Michigan. … more

Home Invasion

A new law that would require Michigan home-schoolers to register is unnecessary. … more

Muddy Waters

Congress should allow states to control their own waters. … more

Teaching From the Test

Colleges want to evaluate teachers based on student performance. … more

Standards Deviation

New federal ozone standards will penalize Michigan counties for smog they didn’t create. … more

Full Circle

School district could force special needs students out. … more

Michigan Education Digest

Funding increases, claims data delays, win an iPod. … more

Book Review

Michael LaFaive critiques a review of his privatization primer. … more

Twenty Years and Counting

The Mackinac Center has accomplished much, but still has much to do. … more

Up for Grabs

A part-time Legislature could cut down on unecessary bills. … more

Uncharted Territory

Michigan's per-capita personal income lags the national average by 9 percent. … more

Michigan Education Digest

Private-public education partnership, Ann Arbor Schools advertising, win an iPod. … more

Running Rings Around Them

A high school student exposes a scientific flaw from a popular movie. … more

Play Right

David Mamet's embrace of free-markets has been a work in progress. … more

Props for Prop A

Proposal A was a good start. Here's how to make it better. … more

Paper Thin

The Founding Fathers knew liberty, but not currency. … more

Michigan Education Digest

Schools of choice cap, insurance pooling, win an iPod. … more

Smoke and Mirrors

The state's job creation numbers need a full accounting. … more

Driver's Ed

ISDs spend thousands to provide superintendents with vehicles. … more

Healthy Choices

An overview of the health care debate. … more

Poetry in Motion

A poet and jazz musician express freedom in their work. … more

News Release: School Spending Transparency Project

The Mackinac Center announces a new initiative to help public schools make their checkbook registers open and available for taxpayers to review. … more

Michigan Education Digest

DPS debt, new graduation rate calculation, win an iPod. … more

Race to the Bottom

Michigan continues to have the nation's worst unemployment. … more

Michigan Privatization Digest

Prison health care, ambulance contracting, school outsourcing. … more

More Harm Than Good

A rush to produce biofuels may prove environmentally damaging. … more

Insurance Mess

MESSA is having trouble complying with new law. … more

No Rhyme or Reason

Michigan doesn't need a poet laureate named by the governor. … more

Michigan Education Digest

Belding insurance, Otsego overspending, win an iPod. … more

Got Character?

Lawrence W. Reed on what people should demand in a leader. … more

State of the Unions

Paul Kersey discusses labor reform. … more

Striking Words

Lawrence W. Reed's new book. … more

Remembering Buckley

A look at how William F. Buckley Jr. revitalized a movement. … more

Michigan Education Digest

DPS graduation rate, Southfield contracting, win an iPod. … more

Michigan Education Digest

Private-public education partnership, Ann Arbor Schools advertising, win an iPod. … more

Proper Procedures

Stronger private property rights can help strengthen Michigan's economy. … more


Driving gives Americans benefits that public transportation cannot. … more

Snow Business

The new MichiganScience features a creative look at snowflakes. … more

Local Politics

Union members shouldn't be forced to pay for the mistakes of others. … more

Michigan Education Digest

Macomb Catholic school, new school board organization, win an iPod. … more

Budget Boom

State spending hits record levels. … more

Follow the Leader

Many schools and communities are trying to replicate the Kalamazoo Promise. … more

The Past and Present of Privatization

Lawrence W. Reed discusses Thatcherism, Indianapolis, Michigan schools and other successes and challenges of privatization. … more

Hey, Big Spender!

Government spends money on "services" that taxpayers don't need. … more

Michigan Education Digest

GVSU charters, Genesee County schools of choice, win an iPod … more

Pleasant Pleasant Ridge

How one metro Detroit city has embraced privatization. … more

Courting Change

Private property owners file suit to protect their rights. … more

An Easy Answer

Can tax hikes fix Michigan's problems? … more


The automotive industry is doing fine — just not in Michigan. … more

Give Us a (Prison) Break

The evidence is clear on how Gov. Granholm can cut prison costs. … more

Reading List

What Mackinac Center scholars want to read this year. … more

Unraveling MESSA

Ryan Olson explains just how MESSA operates. … more

Fiscal Recklessness

A flawed report tries to make the case for raising state taxes (again).  … more

Expansion Wins by 6-to-1 Ratio

Michael D. LaFaive discusses proposals affecting the size of government in Gov. Granholm's 2008 State of the State Address. … more

State of the State 2008

Proposed government expansions and limitations in the governor's address. … more

Governor for a Day

Michael LaFaive presents his own State of the State speech. … more

Heavy Reading

MichiganScience looks at the causes and risks of obesity. … more

It's a Small World

Despite other economic woes, Michigan has benefited from global trade. … more

Less for More

MEA members are paying more, but are they getting less? … more

Michigan Education Digest

MESSA data delays, Flint charters, win an iPod. … more

MSHDA Machinations

Selling MSHDA programs can mean revenue for the state. … more

Inflation Manipulation

Governments, not prices, cause inflation. … more

Off the Clock

Does the UAW still believe in an eight-hour work day?  … more

You Get What You Pay For?

MEA documents show the union spends just 41 percent of its time representing members. … more

Michigan Privatization Digest

Policymakers reject expanded foster care, Judge rescinds Friend of the Court privatization MEA receives injunction.  … more

Michigan Education Digest

Charter regulation, student achievement, win an iPod. … more

Mythology 101

Myths surrounding voluntary unionism are easily debunked. … more

Up or Down?

Michigan's decline in GDP can be reversed. … more

Oversight Overkill

Charter public schools already face many layers of scrutiny. … more

Beach Affront

An Ohio court decision regarding property rights shows Michigan is all wet. … more

Michigan Education Digest

Shifting tenured teachers, Holland fund balance, win an iPod. … more

Tour de Force

The Michigan Senate held its ground against more tourism subsidies. … more

Out With the Old

Larry Reed discusses where Michigan has been and where it needs to go. … more

Outward Bound

Michigan sets a record for outbound moves. … more

Standing Rules

The Michigan Supreme Court's stand for separation of powers. … more

Private School

A public school district gets help from a private company. … more

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