Features and Highlights

Fox Guarding the Henhouse

Public-sector union employees deserve protection from union bosses. … more

Talking About Tethers

Alternatives to prison could save taxpayers millions of dollars. … more

Dropped Call

Legislators should hang up on a costly telephone tax. … more


Gov. Granholm's cost cutting plan for prisons deserves attention. … more

Michigan Education Digest

Redford Union "strike," teachers' health premiums, win book money. … more

Take Me Out to the Market

The competition of free markets is reflected in our national pastime. … more

Hidden Treasure

Michigan should use its natural resources to help the economy. … more

Class is in Session

A new independent school in Grand Rapids focuses on classical education. … more

Money Mover

Detroit's People Mover costs much and does little. … more

Michigan Education Digest

Business leaders push for charter, teacher certification, win book money. … more

Dues Diet

A right-to-work law could strengthen, not weaken, unions. … more

Money for Nothing?

A new book on public school finances is discussed. … more

Rats to Riches

A new movie embodies the ideals of humility and freedom. … more

Privatization in NYC

If it can make it here, it can make it anywhere. … more

Michigan Education Digest

Michigan special education, "Southfield Guarantee," win book money. … more

Sisterly Love

A Philadelphia woman devotes her life to school choice. … more

Caught in the Middle

Intermediate school districts should be reformed — or abandoned. … more

Go West, Young Nation

The Northwest Ordinance and statehood. … more

Camp Out

Michigan should sell, not close, parks it cannot afford. … more

Michigan Education Digest

EMU crime reporting, Fraser schools contracting, win book money. … more

Housing Market

MSHDA is trying to do too much for too many. … more

Choice Words

Schools use a variety of advertising to attract students. … more

Pension Preferences

Reforming employee pensions can help schools focus on students. … more

Do The Right Thing

Lawrence Reed explains the benefits of right-to-work laws. … more

A Perfect Fourth

A look at songs with an "Independence Day" theme. … more

Up in Smoke

Smoking regulations are an assault on private property rights. … more

The Right Stuff

Frequently asked questions about right-to-work protections.  … more

Sounding Off

An interview with Cuban-born Arturo Sandoval about music and censorship. … more

Shopping List

A disturbing state guide gives lawmakers ideas on what taxes to raise. … more

Michigan Education Digest

School bandit sentenced, Howell budget, win book money. … more

A Great Teacher

Dr. Hans F. Sennholz leaves behind a better world. … more

Pay Raise

Incentive pay for teachers gaining ground in Michigan. … more

Money Well Spent?

Agency fees paid by government workers actually cost taxpayers. … more

Being Resourceful

Changes to the DEQ can save taxpayers money. … more

Michigan Education Digest

CMU closes charter, Hazel Park recall, win a gift certificate … more

Captive Audience

Management has a right to tell its side of the story before workers vote to unionize. … more

Academic Freedom

Public universities should reduce their dependence on state funding. … more

Sound the Alarm

Michigan has enough economic woes without adding a tax increase. … more

Free Radicals

A new book tells the story of liberty's champions and how they got their message across. … more

Michigan Education Digest

DPS lawsuit, Open Meetings violation, win a gift certificate. … more


Anti-employer legislation will not help Michigan's recession. … more

Hostile Environment

The Michigan Environmental Science Board should not be eliminated. … more

Healthy Balance

MESSA assets, premiums both going up. … more

Work it Out

Michigan should consider a part-time Legislature to save money. … more

Michigan Education Digest

Michigan school funding, Napoleon contracting, win a gift certificate. … more

Gone Today, Gone Tomorrow

Michigan's budget depends on money that isn't here and may never be. … more

Stealing Home

Politicians avoid tough decisions and burden future generations with the cost. … more

Movie Credits

Part two of a look at movies with a free-market theme. … more

People Power

Mature adults do not rely on power over others to achieve success. … more

Michigan Education Digest

GA special needs vouchers, DPS recruitment, Gladwin cuts. … more

Water, Water Everywhere

MichiganScience explains how public water is tested for safety. … more

Happy Memorial Day

What Memorial Day really means. … more

Two Thumbs Up

A look at free-market movies. … more

Right Thing To Do

Right-to-work protection would benefit workers and Michigan's economy. … more

Michigan Education Digest

Southfield "Promise," civics performance, Brighton budget. … more

Sooner or Later

Michigan must make fundamental changes to move forward. … more

Charting Success

Several charter public schools outperform "host" districts on MEAP tests.  … more

Weird Science

MichiganScience magazine is sponsoring a writing contest for students. … more

Fit to Print?

The media should be more objective about climate change and "consensus." … more

Michigan Education Digest

School choice savings, pension problems, election consolidation. … more

Delta Force

Partnership between community college and home-schoolers helps both. … more

Michigan Privatization Digest

Contracting foster care, Holly to privatizate, Jackson renewing contracts. … more

Running Hot and Cold

An interview with Michigan's official state climatologist. … more

Shutdown Showdown Part II

Michigan can avoid previous mistakes by cutting taxes and reducing spending. … more

Michigan Education Digest

DPS lawsuits, innovative charter school, Hillsdale seminar. … more

Truth Gets Pinned

Ann Arbor teachers put politics ahead of education in new video. … more

Your Vote Counts

Why do school board elections take place when no one is paying attention? … more

Sterling Example

Standish-Sterling schools succeed with responsible budgeting. … more

Novel Idea

Let voters decide between tax increases or budget cuts. … more

Michigan Education Digest

DPS layoffs, Win an iPod, Free Seminar. … more

Sweet Home Alabama

Low-tax states are outpacing Michigan. … more

Dewey Or Don't We?

A new book details the problems John Dewey created for public education. … more

Off Target

Michigan can no longer rationalize a failed incentive system. … more

Pondering Prop 5

Prop 5's failure gives insight into solving public school insurance problems. … more

Michigan Education Digest

Health insurance pool, falling trust in public schools, Win an iPod. … more

Popular Privatization

Does your school district save money through competitive contracting? … more

Show Me the Money

Wealth is not a pie with finite slices. … more

Silence Is Not Golden

Environmental alarmism is not something to celebrate on Earth Day. … more

Privileged Class

Politicians should help all Michigan residents, not just state workers. … more

Michigan Education Digest

DFT debt, EMU contract, Win an iPod. … more

Say What?

No taxation without quotation. … more

Road Map

A comprehensive study on how to fix Michigan's road problems. … more

Invisible Hand

Adam Smith's ideas on what a tax code should be. … more

Bench Warmers

Diane Katz explains why the Supreme Court should stick to law, not science. … more

Great Fall

Communist China embraces private property rights. … more

Trash Talk

Coming clean on landfill regulations and their capacity. … more

Doctor's Orders

Schools find solutions to costly health insurance by abandoning MESSA. … more

Wall to Wal-Mart

Center scholar Michael J. Hicks' book about Wal-Mart's impact on labor. … more

Organ Donation

Reciprocal organ donation agreements can save lives. … more

Michigan Education Digest

MESSA concerns, Detroit charters, win an iPod. … more

Fee Speech

College students should not have to subsidize the speech of others. … more

Michigan Privatization Digest

Lottery privatization, municipal golf courses and substitute teacher contracts. … more

Privileged Class

Politicians should help all Michigan residents, not just state workers. … more

House Call

Two Michigan teachers learn about Congress up close and personal. … more

Michigan Education Digest

Detroit school closing plan, Birmingham electives, win an iPod. … more

On the Topic of Cancer

A scientist explains a vaccine that made "papillomavirus" a household word. … more

Risky Business

Permitting shouldn't be a regulatory mine field in Michigan. … more

Polish Rifle

Stanislaw Lem used a pen to fire at totalitarian regimes. … more

Up With Unions

The EFCA will not strengthen unions, but these suggestions will. … more

Michigan Education Digest

Teacher surplus, Howell insurance, win an iPod. … more

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