Features and Highlights

Mixed Results: Part II

Theodore Bolema looks at the "Price of Government" and finds the glass half-full. … more

Adjusted Sites

Second place really isn't good enough. … more

Michigan Education Digest

Pledge of Allegiance, Detroiters choose charters, selection of state superintendent. … more

Market Research

Andrew J. Coulson summarizes the research on competition among schools. … more

Cool Aid?

For cities, keeping cool means the basics, not the hot trends. … more

Investment Hype

Will state government invest our $2 billion better than we will?  … more

Michigan Education Digest

Education funding increase possible, virtual classrooms, Virginia may shun federal control. … more

Job Search

Michael D. LaFaive asks for information, please.  … more

Clean Cut

Privatization has lowered janitorial costs in East Lansing Public Schools.  … more

Something Borrowed

Gov. Granholm conjures the ghost of Autoworlds past. … more

Own or Be Owned

A truly "great society" recognizes ownership. … more

Rebuilding the Wall

The Detroit school district revokes the passports of its waiver students. … more

Michigan Education Digest

Higher education budget, Detroit waiver reversal, Lansing school closings. … more

Liberty at the Threshold

Our homes belong to us, not to the East India Company. … more

The Great Emigration

If people are the lifeblood of a city, then Detroit is bleeding to death.  … more

Mixed Results

A book that's being praised in Lansing should be handled with care. … more


The real "structural problem" in Michigan's public schools involves the Four M's. … more

Michigan Education Digest

Detroit school closings, Minnesota "merit pay," Granholm consolidation plan. … more

Telecom Irregulation

Michigan's telecom statute expires this year — and none too soon. … more

Managing a Crisis

School districts have brought on a "crisis." How did they manage to? … more

Water Softener

Water, water everywhere. … … more

Borrowing Time?

Gov. Granholm's proposal to sell $2.8 billion in bonds is a costly distraction. … more

Michigan Education Digest

Acting state superintendent, new dropout age, new "Merit Award." … more

"Uncommon Manner"

We remember two uncommon men who called for common human rights.  … more

Got to Phoenix

Andrew Coulson learns important things that Glen Campbell never sang about.  … more

Academic Success

Michigan's public universities find their market niche — and save money.  … more

Defining Choice

Private schools reduce the racial achievement gap. It's time to choose.  … more

Michigan Education Digest

Watkins' resignation, "trimester" system, Walled Lake AYP. … more

State of the State Address: "Michigan at the Crossroads"

Mackinac Center President Lawrence W. Reed spoke on the "State of the State" in Lansing on Jan. 31. … more

Regulating the Regulators

The state should curtail the regulatory excesses of the DEQ. … more

Speech! Speech!

Mr. Reed goes to Lansing Monday to speak on the "State of the State."  … more

Dare We Compare?

Yes, we should. International test results really do show that our kids are behind.  … more

Michigan Education Digest

Watkins controversy, Detroit school closings, possible Berrien privatization. … more

Regulation Issue

Cutting taxes is one economic tool. Ending unreasonable regulations is another.  … more

Climate Change

Ending the Single Business Tax would warm the state’s icy business climate. … more

Michigan at the Crossroads

State officials have a choice: rearrange the deck chairs, or change course. … more

Dunce Cap

Lansing makes Tom Watkins sit in the corner. It should embrace reform instead.  … more

Michigan Education Digest

109 failing districts, Michigan Superintendent's contract, Detroit committee of 120. … more

Revisiting Cobo

Privatization may be about to save taxpayers $650 million at Cobo Center.  … more

Six-Step Recovery Program

The state should focus on what matters in Detroit's schools. (Hint: It's the kids.)  … more

Auto Destruct

A lawsuit may stop the state's disastrous efforts to favor Toyota in a land sale, but Michigan's citizens are already the losers. … more

Presidential Demeanor?

Michigan's state university presidents sling mud, and we respond.  … more

Michigan Education Digest

High school MEAP, U.S. education secretary, Pell Grants. … more

Lab Error

The state should privatize its environmental laboratory services. … more

Moment of Truth

Michigan's highest ranking education official just told it like it is. … more

Evolutionary Wars

Mandating one point of view is neither a natural selection nor an intelligent design.  … more

Michigan Education Digest

Christmas Eve layoffs, high Colorado charter scores, ISD employment legislation. … more

Penal Service

Privatization of prison management could save the state $350 million annually. … more

Profitable Lesson

Critics are wrong to decry private profit in public schooling. … more


Michigan's New Year's resolution should be to pass a taxpayer bill of rights.  … more

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