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Forced Telephone Competition Remains a Misregulated Dream

A third set of FCC rules governing competition in local telephone service have been struck down by federal courts.  … more

Michigan Cannot Afford Tuition Grant Program

Gov. Granholm's plan to end $65 million in subsidies for private college tuition is precisely the type of restraint needed to close the state's $1.3 billion budget deficit. … more

More Money Isn't Guarantee of Better County Education

The Ingham Intermediate School District--which is asking voters for a tax increase--spends more than the state average on education, but delivers average or below average results. … more

Terrorism: The Next Generation

Senior Fellow in Education Policy Andrew J. Coulson explains what America can do to stem the tide of radical Islamist education in Pakistan. … more

Michigan Education Digest

Philanthropist Robert Thompson; Minority graduation rate; Advanced placement courses, and more. … more

Telecom Victory: Regs Get Slapped Down

The courts have struck down the FCC's latest raft of telecom rules, which would have resulted in 50 different sets of regulations.  … more

The Trade Deficit: Much Ado About Nothing

Worrying over America's trade deficit is about as silly as a head of household becoming upset over his family's "trade deficit" with J.C. Penny.  … more

Michigan's Poor: How Much Do Numbers Alone Really Tell Us?

Because the picture of "the poor" drawn for us by the government relies almost exclusively on numbers, Americans are routinely misled as to the true condition of poor people. … more

Privatize the University of Michigan

One way U of M could solve its budget and political woes with Lansing would be to officially become a private university.  … more

Michigan Consumers Will Lose if the Legislature Fixes Gas Prices

The "urban legend" of predatory pricing has Michigan lawmakers ready to impose price controls on gasoline. … more

Granholm Would Resurrect Michigan's Un-Dead Death Tax

If Gov. Granholm's proposal for a new 5 percent estate tax passes, Michigan could miss out on a host of economic benefits from the federal phase-out of the tax.  … more

Civil Society Working in Northville

The state government was ready to abandon a petting farm that burned a year ago, until "civil society" stepped in to save it. … more

Senate Majority Leader Sharply Condemns Agency Regulatory Power

In debate over new environmental rules, Senate Majority Leader Ken Sikkema, R-Wyoming, condemns the practice of granting legislative powers to executive agency bureaucrats. … more

Organs Should Be Freely Given, Not Taken by State

The Detroit News cites Mackinac Center research in support of a private-sector way to solve the organ donation crisis.  … more

High School Fiddlers' Group Goes Private

A highly successful musical group organized by a teacher and students from Saline High School has voted, with school district approval, to become a private venture. … more

Why Are Schools Borrowing More?

Despite projected decreases in future enrollment, Michigan's public schools seem to be on a building binge.  … more

The States and Outsourcing

A guest columnist for Tech Central Station cites Mackinac Center research to bolster his argument in favor of free trade. … more

Cleveland Passed 1888 Test of Character

A great incumbent president wins the popular vote, but loses the electoral college--and refuses to drag the country through a traumatic recount.  … more

Grover Cleveland: Could He Be Elected Today?

Washington and Lincoln aren't the only presidents worth honoring on President's Day.  … more

Tax Shots Across the Budget Bow

Gov. Jennifer Granholm has introduced a budget proposal for fiscal 2005 containing almost $400 million in new taxes. Yet, there is plenty of room in Michigan's budget for cutting wasteful spending, before reaching deeper into taxpayers' pockets.  … more

For a Strong State Economy, Look at the Big Tax Picture

A guest columnist for the Indianapolis Star bolsters her argument for lower taxes with advice from the Mackinac Center. … more

The Economic Case for Right-to-Work Laws

Right-to-work states have superior rates of business productivity, economic growth and job creation, and have a lower cost of living. This is a pdf file. … more

What Impact Do Tax Increases Have on Employment?

A well-known economic modeling program used by the Mackinac Center predicts job losses would follow an increase in Michigan's income tax. … more

Privatizing Air Traffic Control: Safer and Cheaper

Government and think-tank studies are concluding that private contractors can run air traffic control towers safer and cheaper than the government can. … more

In Celebration of Black History Month, 2004

Here, in one place, are all our articles over the years, celebrating historical examples of African American character, fortitude and entrepreneurship. … more

MichiganVotes.org Assembles Database of Votes Lawmakers Missed in 2003

How many votes did your state senator or representative miss during the past year?  … more

City of Saginaw May Trash Current Refuse Collection System

Saginaw may turn over its trash collection to the Mid-Michigan Waste Authority, which contracts with private companies.  … more

"Proposal A," 10 Years Later

Proposal A has lived up to its promise of greater revenue for Michigan schools. … more

Union President Praises Center, Then Files 'Don't Quote Me' Lawsuit

The Michigan Court of Appeals will hear arguments for dismissing the MEA's lawsuit against the Mackinac Center on Feb. 5. … more

Black History Month: Remembering Ralph Bunche

Black History Month is a good time to reflect on the accomplishments of Michigan native Ralph Bunche, former U.N. Undersecretary General. … more

Alexander Graham Bell Meets George Eastman

No central planners or government grants placed the telephone or the camera in the hands of the common man and woman.  … more

More Privatization in Plymouth's Future?

Plymouth officials are looking at all options for balancing the city's budget, after voters in November rejected a plan to raise city taxes. … more

Making the Grade

Michigan's public schools are upset at the prospect of being graded in the same way teachers grade students. … more

States Hiring Private Consultants to Manage State Property

Michigan and other states are hiring private real estate consultants to sell unused state property. … more

Final Thoughts on Free Trade

The fact that some nations fare worse than others under an economic regime of free trade doesn't mean protectionist policies such as tarriffs will help those nations. … more

Money and Red Tape

A recent survey shows educators are frustrated by the intrusion of government mandates in the education process. … more

New Union Tactic Creates Problems for Workers

Strategy uses outside pressure to force companies to sign "neutrality agreements" whether workers want a union or not. … more

Savings, Big and Little, are Ripe for Taking

In 2005, Michigan should cut unnecessary spending and make structural changes that would lower the cost of government services. … more

Solving the Organ Donation Crisis Through Incentives

A private group called LifeSharers offers more than just the satisfaction of helping as an incentive to donate organs.  … more

Former Director of the Department of Environmental Quality Joins Mackinac Center Staff

Russ Harding, former Gov. Engler's cabinet member for eight years, will research environmental conditions in Michigan and recommend policies that foster environmental protection based on sound science and respect for citizens’ property rights. His first speech is in Lansing Feb. 3. … more

Free Trade and Factor Mobility

Recent developments in the global economy have raised doubts over whether some free-trade assumptions are still valid. They are.  … more

Michigan's Renewable Energy Program: Still Tilting At Windmills

The state is wasting its time (and your money) if it thinks any government action will expand the use of renewable energy sources, short of their becoming commercially viable. … more

Just Show Up And We'll Give You Better Grades

A Grand Rapids high school has adopted a policy that rewards students with higher grades — just because they show up for class. … more

Michigan Should Alter Property Grab Rules

The Michigan Supreme Court's decision to let government condemn land for purposes of building a GM plant set a poisonous precedent for similar abuses of power. … more

Land Preservation Double-Cross

Leelanau County residents were promised no new taxes in exchange for their approval of a land preservation plan. Now activists are lobbying for a tax hike to finance the measure. … more

Why School Districts Can't Save on Health Care

The Michigan Education Special Services Administration (MESSA) employs a number of unfair tactics to maintain its market share of Michigan school district health plans.  … more

Web Site Documents Every Action of Historic 2003 Legislative Session

Citizens, journalists, lobbyists, and government officials access lawmakers' voting records 16,000 times in the final month of 2003. … more

Think Tanks In Action

Approximately 40 state-based think tanks are making the world a better place by promoting free markets and limited government. (PDF file) … more

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