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Privatization County

Oakland County has saved its taxpayers nearly $9 million since 1993. Read how officials there use privatization to be good stewards of the public purse. … more

Taxes and the Cost of Government

As Congress debates tax relief, citizens would do well to remember that the total cost of government is far more than what we're forced to pay every April 15. … more

Balancing Detroit's Books

This year marks 300 years of Detroit history, but the Motor City's fiscal future is in some doubt. Is there a state-appointed "emergency financial manager" in store for the city that put the world on wheels? … more

Bankruptcy Reform

Legislation making it harder for borrowers to erase their debts through loose bankruptcy laws is expected to pass Congress this week. Learn how author Mark Twain honorably dealt with his own bankruptcy. … more

Independent or Unprincipled?

Executive Vice President Joseph Lehman explains the difference between independent research and conclusions that are reached without reference to sound economic principles. … more

Privatization: The Life of the Party

Michigan Privatization Report Managing Editor Michael LaFaive wonders why some municipalities think throwing parties is a proper function of government. … more

Labor Unrest at Northwest Airlines

President Bush says he will intervene to prevent a threatened strike by Northwest Airline employees. The Detroit News asked Mackinac Center Director of Labor Policy Robert Hunter for his opinion of the situation in a recent news story. … more

Right-to-Work in Michigan

Workers should not be forced to join or pay fees to a labor organization to get or keep a job. … more

Teachers' Rights

What teachers can do if they object to financing their union's moral, political, and social agendas. … more

Keep the Electoral College!

Should the Electoral College be abolished? Last year's presidential election raised the question once again but it also answered it with an emphatic no.  … more

Saving Teachers, Helping Kids

Budget cuts are forcing one school district to let several popular teachers go. The Mackinac Center has a guaranteed plan to save these teachers' jobs. … more

Tax Cuts

On Mar. 1, a House committee approved President Bush's tax cut proposal, but the measure faces a tougher battle in the Senate. Will Michigan's senators make the same mistake one of their predecessors made in opposing a president's tax cut initiatives? … more

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