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  1. Planning for Life Workshop

    The Mackinac Center for Public Policy announces our 2015 Planning for Life Workshops around Michigan.

  2. Friedman Legacy Day

    The Mackinac Center for Public Policy and Northwood University Forum for Citizenship & Enterprise cordially invite you to join us in celebrating Milton Friedman Legacy Day 2015.

  3. Planning for Life Workshop

    The Mackinac Center for Public Policy announces our 2015 Planning for Life Workshops around Michigan.

  4. Planning for Life Workshop

    The Mackinac Center for Public Policy announces our 2015 Planning for Life Workshops around Michigan.

  5. Michigan House Wise to Shift Corporate Welfare Spending to Roads

    Programs shown to be ineffective and wasteful

  6. United States Supreme Court to Hear Case That Could Declare Agency Fees for Public Employees Unconstitutional

    Mackinac Center Legal Foundation Filed Amicus Brief Asking Court to Hear Case

  7. New State School Super Favors Merit Pay for Teachers
  8. Public Sector Unions Vague About How They Spend Dues Money
  9. Study: They Spend Millions, but Minimal Transparency Required for Government Union Finances
  10. Bringing Financial Transparency to Michigan's Public Sector Unions

    Nathan Mehrens, a labor expert who helped implement financial reporting requirements for private sector unions while serving at the U.S. Department of Labor, explains how Michigan should reform its union transparency laws. Most public sector unions do not have to publicly disclose meaningful financial information, and Mehrens argues that Michigan lawmakers should adopt financial reporting requirements similar to those used by the federal government.

  11. Union Transparency Study Featured in Daily Caller

    Article details how disclosure can help members and expose corruption

  12. Most Michigan Teachers Leave Before Qualifying For a Pension
  13. June 25, 2015 MichiganVotes Weekly Roll Call

    More subsidies and higher fees; knives and founding documents

  14. Skorup Quoted on Release Time

    Release time costs public schools millions each year

  15. A Possible Uber Setback for Ride-sharing in California

    Examining the distinction between a contractor and an employee

  16. Top 1 Percent Paid 15 Percent of State Income Tax While Bottom 33 Percent Received Millions
  17. DPS Emergency Manager Could Make Big Changes

    Steps in the right direction are possible without changing laws

  18. GOP Group Calls for Eliminating Civil Forfeiture

    Mackinac Center scholar spoke on the issue prior to vote

  19. Michigan Has Third Largest GDP Growth Since Recession
  20. Money in Politics: How Much Should Be Disclosed?

    The Mackinac Center’s Arthur N. Rupe Foundation Debate will address the question of whether individuals who donate to nonprofit organizations or political issues should be able to maintain their privacy.

  21. It is Fine to Get Detroit Out of the School Pension System

    Other districts already pay for Detroit's liabilities

  22. The Real-World Costs of Union Release Time

    Proposed law would require public workers to work for the public

  23. Should Government Set Prices for Reselling Tickets?
  24. Lone Democrat Votes Against Party Line on Film Subsidies
  25. EPA Eyeing That Saturday Afternoon BBQ at the Park
  26. Debate on Money in Politics Featured in Media

    Michigan press features arguments in advance of Thursday's debate

  27. Profane, Insulting Math Teacher Flunks Math On School Funding
  28. Teachers Union Promotes Website Telling Dissident Member 'Go to Hell'
  29. School District's 'Comparatively Low' Administrative Costs Not Really That Low
  30. The Fight for Free Speech

    Think tanks juggle privacy and advocacy

  31. IMPACT May/June 2015
  32. June 19, 2015 MichiganVotes Weekly Roll Call

    Green light to Uber; red light to film subsidies; mobile beer bars and more

  33. A Look Back at Michigan's Battery Subsidies

    Mackinac Center policy analyst discusses A123

  34. MEA Lauches Personal Attack Against Dissident Teacher, Releases Confidential Information
  35. MEDC vs. Road Spending Poll Featured in Daily Caller

    Two-thirds of voters support turning subsidy money over to roads

  36. Arthur N. Rupe Foundation Debate on Money in Politics: How Much Should Be Disclosed?

    Mackinac Center partners with League of Women Voters of Michigan and The Federalist Society to host event

  37. Every Corporate Welfare Incentive Means New Jobs, Except for Most of Them
  38. Incomplete Analysis of Pension Scheme Bill Paints False Picture

    Fiscal Agency ignores benefit spiking costs, underfunding risks

  39. National Conservative Groups Push to End Civil Asset Forfeiture

    Is Michigan’s GOP Legislature listening?

  40. Requiring Unions to Pay for Their Own Employees Saves Taxpayer Money

    Senate Bill 280 takes union leaders off the public payroll

  41. SEIU Affiliate’s Revenue Cut in Half After 'Dues Skim' Ended
  42. Michigan Film Incentives ‘All But Dead’

    But if the MEDC wants them, it can keep them

  43. State-Based Obamacare Exchanges Cause More Pain Than Help

    Three reasons why states should avoid creating their own health insurance exchanges.

  44. Two-thirds of Respondents Want Tax Dollars To Go To Roads Rather Than Corporate Welfare

    Over 60 percent of Democratic, Republican voters say yest to Michigan roads, no to MEDC

  45. Invasion of Privacy? Tax Assessors Taking Photos on Private Property
  46. Schools Receiving More and More Money, But it Goes to Pensions
  47. The Real Story About Highland Park Schools
  48. June 12, 2015 MichiganVotes Weekly Roll Call

    “Tax-lite” road funding, same-sex adoptions, local employer mandates

  49. MEA Skips Testifying on Bill Ending Its Pension Spiking Arrangements
  50. How Not to Regulate the Innovation Sector

    The Legislature appears torn on how to regulate ride-sharing.

  51. CAPPS Report Lays Out Some Solid Criminal Justice Reforms

    Michigan can reform prison policies without endangering the public

  52. Would Ford Leave Michigan if Not for a Handout from the State?
  53. High Taxes Promote Black Market Cigarettes in Bordering State
  54. Ruling Upholds the Right of Public Employees to Resign From Union Whenever They Want
  55. MERC Outlines Future Decision Outlawing ‘August Window’ and Stopping Collections

    The MEA should stop harassing teachers

  56. The Problem of Corporate Welfare

    Corporate welfare leaves smaller companies to struggle

  57. Vernuccio Joins New York Times 'Room for Debate'

    Discussing the role of unions in the modern workplace

  58. Union Approves Contract Freezing Members’ Salaries to Keep the Dues Flowing
  59. Vernuccio Talks Tenure on Fox Business

    Proposed modifications to professor tenure in Wisconsin

  60. House Road Plan Secures Road Funding

    Understanding proposed earmarks for road funding.

  61. Sen. Gary Peters Wants Higher Minimum Wage — Except for His Unpaid Interns
  62. Auto Insurance Reforms a Good Start
  63. Film Tax Credits Don’t Grow the Economy
  64. Michigan’s Economic Recovery More Than Just the Auto Industry
  65. LaFaive Tourism OpEd Published in the Times Herald

    Pushing back on accusations from Michigan's tourism lobby

  66. House Road Plan Leaves Plenty of Money for Pure Michigan Campaign
  67. Vernuccio Co-Authors Op-Ed in Washington Times

    Missouri may become 26th right-to-work state

  68. Overcriminalization Study in The Detroit News

    Gov. Rick Snyder's recommendations for reform reflect Mackinac Center recommendations

  69. Government Spending on Universities Rise, Tuition Hikes Follow

    Increased spending on public universities doesn't pay off for the economy or education.

  70. June 5, 2015 MichiganVotes Weekly Roll Call

    June 5 round up of important bills in the Michigan State Legislature.

  71. Tying Teacher Evaluations to Student Achievement Would Be Major Reform

    New reforms would allow more local control

  72. Bills Aiming to Protect Property from Overzealous Forfeiture Clear First Hurdle
  73. Note to Michigan's Tourism Lobbyist: GEICO Pays For Its Own Advertising and You Should Too

    Michigan taxpayers are paying for something private businesses normally pay for themselves

  74. State's Corporate Welfare Agency Takes Credit for Creating Jobs in Good Times ... and Bad
  75. That's One Mighty Big Bucket of $$$
  76. House Republicans Should be Applauded for Trying to Cut ‘21st Century Jobs Fund’

    The 21st Century Jobs fund has repeatedly failed in its objectives, and any efforts to cut it would be positive.

  77. Graduated Income Tax Won’t Help Income Inequality

    Changing from a flat income tax to a graduated income tax will not improve income equality in Michigan.

  78. Teacher Evaluations in Michigan Public Schools: One Size Fits All
  79. Skorup Joins Pat Johnston for Prevailing Wage Discussion

    The two debated repealing the law on the Art Lewis Show on WSGW

  80. Worker’s Choice Gives Unions and Employees More Freedom

    New study solves the issue of “forced-riders” and so-called “free riders”

  81. Worker's Choice Study Featured in National and State Media

    Study proposes fix to free/forced rider issue

  82. Detroit's Reform District Doesn't Have One Great Teacher According to Evaluations
  83. Worker's Choice: Freeing Unions and Workers from Forced Representation

    Worker’s Choice provides a method to fix the "free/forced rider" issue that exists in right-to-work states. Without requiring a complete overhaul of a state’s public sector collective bargaining law, this policy can free unions from having to provide services to employees who do not support them, and allow individual public sector employees to represent themselves and negotiate independently with their employers.

  84. Tracking the True Cost of Tourism Spending

    Fiscal policy initiative director discusses new study with Michael Patrick Shiels on Michigan's Big Show.

  85. MLive Quotes Mackinac Center President on Road Funding

    Joe Lehman spoke as a panelist at the 2015 Mackinac Policy Conference

  86. Home Schooling Not to Blame for Tragedy

    Greater regulations on home schoolers will not prevent future tragedies.

  87. Michigan School Pension Fund Liability Grows to $26.5 Billion
  88. Right-to-Work Lawsuit Featured in Hometown Life

    Susan Bank's suit challenges legality of August Window 

  89. Labor Union Caught in Dues Skim Fails to File Annual Report with Federal Government
  90. Study: State Tourism Promotion Ineffective

    Every $1.00 Spent Generates 1 Cent Extra Spending at Motels and Hotels

  91. Five Road Funding Principles

    Mackinac Center President Joseph Lehman lays out a free-market approach to pay for roads

  92. May 29, 2015 MichiganVotes Weekly Roll Call
  93. State Tourism Spending Ineffective

    For every $1 spent, hotel industry gets one penny

  94. Teachers Union Rails at For-Profit Charters While its Leaders Spike Own School Pensions
  95. The More Information Voters Have the Less They Support Film Subsidies

    Majority of respondents want film money to go to roads

  96. Skorup Discusses Civil Asset Forfeiture on WPHM

    Mackinac Center policy analyst Jarrett Skorup joins Bill Gilmer to discuss civil asset forfeiture.

  97. House Judiciary Passes Civil Forfeiture Reform Bills

    Progress on reforming civil asset forfeiture

  98. Mackinac Center President Serves as Panelist at Mackinac Policy Conference

    Topic is 'Michigan's Road Fix—the $1.5 Billion Question'

  99. Is State's Prevailing Wage Law at Risk of Being Tossed?
  100. Report: It Would Take Three Years to Read All the Federal Government's Rules
  101. Mackinac Center Legal Foundation Appeals Right-To-Work Case Involving Novi Special Education Teacher

    ‘The MEA has a duty of fair representation, yet it intentionally did not inform teachers of their rights.’

  102. What You Need to Know About the Initiative to Repeal Prevailing Wage

    If sponsors gather enough signatures in time, then legislature votes

  103. Unfunded State Employee Pension Liabilities Remain at $6.2 Billion

    Closing the system is saving taxpayers from future liabilities

  104. You Don’t Need $92,000 a Year to be 'Economically Stable'

    New report distorts the level of economic hardships in Michigan

  105. Teachers Union Presidents Extract Lucrative Benefits from Schools – For Themselves
  106. Assistant Fiscal Policy Director Analyses Michigan's Historic Unemployment Drop

    James Hohman discusses the numbers on the Frank Beckmann Show

  107. Memo to Reformers: Detroit Public Schools Received 42 Percent More Money Per Pupil Than State Average
  108. District Doesn't Take Evaluations Seriously, Now Laying Off its Best Teachers
  109. Michigan's Drop in Unemployment is Historic
  110. The Government Incentive to Seize Property
  111. May 22, 2015 MichiganVotes Weekly Roll Call
  112. Asset Forfeiture Package of Bills a 'Solid First Step'
  113. Frank Beckmann Show Highlights Mackinac Center/Michigan Chamber Poll

    66 percent of respondents support redirecting $50 million from films to roads

  114. Gov. Snyder Announces Criminal Justice Reforms

    Uses Center's research to make case for reforms

  115. Mackinac Center Event Featured in Media

    Topic of civil asset forfeiture attracts media and various ideologies

  116. Michigan's Economic Recovery More Than Just the Auto Industry

    Non-auto manufacturing has made a huge comeback

  117. MLive Sends Mixed Messages on School Funding
  118. Successful Public School System Would Charge Tuition, Screen Applicants
  119. Poll Shows Overwhelming Support for Redirecting Film Subsidies to Roads

    66 Percent Surveyed Support Reprioritizing $50 Million Film Subsidy for Road Improvements

  120. Critics of Growth Projections in House Road Plan Should Be Unnerved by Pension Underfunding

    School pension plan requires large dedication of future revenue

  121. Corporate Welfare Isn't 'Essential' to a Vibrant Economy
  122. Feds to Michigan: End Anti-Competition 'Tesla Ban'
  123. Civil Asset Forfeiture: How Government Seizes Private Property from Innocent Citizens

    Civil asset forfeiture is a legal process by which allows the police to seize and sell private property, even if no crime has been charged against the owner of that property. Several states have recently reformed their civil asset forfeiture laws, and Eric Holder, the U.S. Attorney General, has called for improving federal laws pertaining to this practice.

  124. Schools of Choice Program Causes Greater Competition

    Mackinac Center research cited on WILX News

  125. Mackinac Center Cited on Dangers of Targeted Tax Breaks

    Shifting the tax burden from influential businesses to smaller counterparts

  126. Mackinac Center Event Panelist on Frank Beckmann Show

    IJ's Lee McGrath talks about civil asset forfeiture

  127. Hohman Quoted on Proposal 1 Defeat

    Voters soundly rejected the "tax and spend" road funding proposal

  128. Prevailing Wage Repeal is Sound Policy

    However, not all reforms are cuts

  129. Mackinac Expert Talks Film Incentives on NPR

    No full-time jobs were created as a result of this corporate welfare

  130. Bills Attempt to Shine Light on Government-Seized Property
  131. Lansing Schools: MEA President Steve Cook's Deal Never Considered 'Long Term Thing'
  132. Can't 'Cut Your Way to Prosperity?' Michigan Spending Up $3.9 Billion Since 2011
  133. How Michigan Can Pay for its Roads Without a Tax Increase
  134. May 15, 2015 MichiganVotes Weekly Roll Call
  135. Pure Michigan Scare Tactics

    MEDC deploys 'Washington Monument syndrome'

  136. Property Tax Revenue on the Rise
  137. Affluent School Districts Don't Guarantee Better Academic Performance
  138. House Road Plan Relies on Reality

    Detroit News wrong to call it "mostly fantasy"

  139. FTC to Michigan Legislature: End Car Protectionism

    Let consumers buy cars from whomever they want

  140. Michigan House Republicans Find $1 Billion More for Roads with No Big Tax Hike
  141. State's Corporate Welfare Arm Says Ex-Attorney General Approved Being Less Transparent
  142. Interpreting Proposal 1’s Loss

    First, look at current resources

  143. Michigan Incentive Policies Fooled by Job Turnover
  144. How They Sold $17-Plus Million Spending Hike as $10 Million Cut
  145. Mackinac Center Road Solutions Prescribed in Detroit News

    Experts lay out a path to funding Michigan's roads

  146. Here's How Much Michigan's 'Prevailing Wage' Law Costs Your School District
  147. Fossil Fuel Investments Yield Big Returns for State Pension Funds
  148. Not As Good As You Think: Why Middle-Class Parents in Michigan Should be Concerned about Their Local Public Schools

    Many middle-class Michiganders think that most low-performing schools are located in poor inner cities such as Detroit, not in their nice neighborhoods or in their smaller towns. They need to think again.

  149. Michigan Income Taxes Already Progressive

    State Democrats want new power to create a graduated income tax

  150. Township Votes Down Wind Energy Project
  151. Local Union Leaves Michigan Education Association
  152. Charter Schools Cost Unions Millions in Dues
  153. May 8, 2015 MichiganVotes Weekly Roll Call
  154. Michael LaFaive and Todd Nesbit: R.I. set to lose tobacco revenue

    Increasing cigarette tax would be counterproductive

  155. Mackinac Center Experts Show Cigarette Tax Increase is Counterproductive

    Michael LaFaive and Todd Nesbit, Ph.D. cited in Providence Journal

  156. Prevailing Wage Research Cited in Detroit News

    Repealing the law could save taxpayers millions every year

  157. Bill Would Allow Local Governments to Post Notices Online Rather than in Newspapers
  158. Snug as an Official Bug in a Rug

    Politicians can find themselves deciding things of low value

  159. Prop 1 Unpopularity to Voters was Unprecedented
  160. Free Press Columnist Disses 'Michissippians' Like It's 2009; Michigan Outperforms States He Elevates
  161. Detroit Public Schools Gave 8 of 10 Teachers Highest Rating Despite Being Nation's Worst Urban District
  162. Detroit Education Overhaul Would Cost Other Schools $50 Per Student
  163. Gov. Snyder's Plan for Detroit Public Schools Meets Legislative Skepticism
  164. Guest Post: Kansas Excise Tax Hike Proposal a Bad Choice

    The unintended consequences of higher taxes

  165. Governor's Plan to Fix Education in Detroit May Threaten School Choice
  166. Choice in Electricity: A Good Idea Michigan Abandoned
  167. Gov. Snyder’s Much-Needed Move on Licensing
  168. Not As Good As You Think: How Michigan’s Wealthier Schools Escape Scrutiny
  169. Michigan Auto Insurance Reforms on Hold
  170. Obamacare Exchange: Michigan Dodged a Bullet

    Michigan fortunate not to have established state exchange

  171. May 1, 2015 MichiganVotes Weekly Roll Call
  172. Illegal Strike by Detroit Teachers Shuts Down 18 Schools
  173. The Sorcerer’s Apprentice Scene From Fantasia Captures the Spirit of Earth Day
  174. IMPACT March/April 2015
  175. Show Me the Money and Then We'll Be Accountable
  176. Second MEA President Used $200,000+ Union Salary to ‘Spike’ Public Pension
  177. Auto Insurance Reforms a Good Start

    State needs to address high costs associated with mandated generous coverage

  178. Bills Put Obsolete Laws on the Chopping Block
  179. Fix Disparities in Public University Funding in Michigan
  180. Reasons to Reason

    Why we need analytical thinking in our policy debates

  181. As Obamacare is Implemented, Part-Time Jobs at All Time High
  182. Texas Moves Toward Dumping Wind Mandate
  183. April 24, 2015, MichiganVotes Weekly Roll Call
    “Early Warning System” for overspending school districts
  184. Film Incentive Supporters Ignore the Facts

    There's still no good evidence for this program

  185. Michigan’s Obamacare Medicaid Expansion Exceeds Projections by 22 Percent

    The cost of expanding Medicaid more expensive than originally assumed

  186. Mackinac Center Study Gives a How-To When Changing the Constitution
  187. 'Steve Cook' Bill Would Prevent Private Union Employees from Spiking State Pension
  188. The Disparity in Michigan University Funding
    State should use fair funding for universities
  189. With $2 Billion at Stake, $100 Fines Won't Deter Violations of State Law
  190. Poll: Just 1 in 3 Know Wind Energy Depends on Fossil Fuels
  191. Why Michigan Should Compact for a Federal Balanced Budget Amendment
  192. Taylor School District Refuses to Inform Teachers They Don't Have to Financially Support the Union
  193. State Workers Use 4x as Many Sick Days as Private Sector
  194. Michigan Supreme Court: Pension Reforms were Constitutional

    Unions lose challenge to 2012 law

  195. Will Poll Hurt Legislation Aiming to Give Energy Utilities Monopoly?
  196. 'Big Oil' and 'Big Wind' Keep Public in the Dark About Wind Dependence on Fossil Fuels
  197. Michigan Property Tax Revenues Up

    Both rates and revenue on the rise

  198. School District Has to Spend $1 Million to Improve 'Failing' Academic Performance
  199. Collection Bins for Clothing and Used Goods Targeted as Nuisances
  200. April 17, 2015, MichiganVotes Weekly Roll Call
    Auto insurance, double-dipping pensions, investor guarantees
  201. Proposal 1: What It Is and How It Affects Taxpayers

    On May 5th Michigan voters will vote on Proposal 1, a constitutional amendment and series of bills that will go into effect if the amendment is approved. A large piece of the proposal is raising the sales tax...

  202. Low or High, Great Lakes Water Levels Always Blamed on Global Warming
  203. If Greedy Employers Discriminate by Paying Women Less, Why Don't They Hire a Lot More of Them?
  204. Union President Tells Women to Join Union to Get Equal Pay
  205. Open Letter to Steve Inskeep of National Public Radio

    National Public Radio wrong about Mackinac Center study

  206. Cigarette Tax Hikes Cause Unintended Consequences
  207. Detroit News Exposes MEDC Secrecy

    Michigan's corporate welfare program needs to be more transparent

  208. Facts About Road Safety in Michigan

    Traveling on Michigan's roads is safer than it's ever been

  209. Who You Gonna Believe? A K-12 Superintendent or the State Constitution?
  210. Manufacturing Jobs Set to Surpass Government Jobs in Michigan for First Time in Years
  211. Charter School Parent 'Grateful' to Have a Choice

    A Detroit mother explains the importance of school choice

  212. Is Big Business a Danger to Economic Liberty?

    Please join the Mackinac Center for Public Policy for a Club Mackinac event in Grand Rapids, as we welcome Timothy P. Carney, senior political columnist at the Washington Examiner, a visiting fellow at the American Enterprise Institute, and the author of two books: The Big Ripoff, and Obamanomics. 

  213. Huron County Pushes Stop Button on Wind Development
  214. Meet Toya Putnam, Charter School Parent
  215. MCPP Experts Take Down Film Program in MLive

    The state should curtain this ineffective program

  216. Mackinac Center Work on Prop 1 Gets Wide Coverage

    MCPP original research prominently featured in Prop 1 stories

  217. Detroit Charter School Parents: Don’t Take Away Our Freedom to Choose
  218. Union: No Photo Needed to Vote, but Bring ID If You Want to Leave the Union
  219. Natural Gas to Wind Energy: You're Nothing Without Me
  220. April 10, 2015, MichiganVotes Weekly Roll Call
    Hospital “prices,” cigarette taxes, unions, monopolies
  221. Poll Suggests Strong Turnout for May 5 Ballot Proposal
  222. Love it or Hate it, Voters are Aware of Proposal 1
  223. Court of Appeals Orders Wayne County Circuit Court to Hear Claim Related to Union’s End Run of Right-to-Work
  224. State's Cost of Teacher Pension System Quintuples
  225. Mackinac Expert Debates Civil Asset Forfeiture

    Here's why Michigan needs to reform civil asset forfeiture

  226. Amendment’s Effects on Higher Ed are Uncertain
    Proposal 1 may offer more leeway in funding than intended.
  227. Detroit Coalition Plan Would Lead to More Schools Outside of Detroit

    Restricting choice could lead to more students leaving Detroit

  228. Michigan Plummets in Economic Outlook Rankings Among States
  229. Our Children. Our Choice.
  230. Law that Made School Employees Pay More for Health Insurance Saved $1.3 Billion
  231. There Was Never a $470 Per Pupil Education Funding Cut in Michigan
  232. So What Happens if the May 5 $2 Billion Tax Hike Fails?
  233. Charter Schools’ Record of Doing More With Less Validated by Stanford Report
  234. Cigarette Smuggling Still Rampant, Problematic
  235. The Cost of the Proposal 1: The May Tax Vote
  236. What if it Were April Fools' Day Year Round?
  237. April 3, 2015, MichiganVotes Weekly Roll Call

    New bills cover marijuana, mandates, police cameras

  238. New State Tax Payment System Causing Headaches for Businesses
  239. Read This: FEE Interview With Larry Reed

    Former Mackinac Center president shares stories of his world travels

  240. Pro-School Choice Group: Let Detroit Students Attend School Anywhere They Want
  241. The Irony of Michigan's Film Incentive Program
  242. Detroit Charter School Students Gaining Months of Extra Education Per Year
  243. Coalition Wants $153 Million a Year Debt Forgiveness for Detroit Public Schools
  244. And the Answer is … 'Something a College Freshman Might Say'
  245. Coalition's Vision for Detroit: More Bureaucracy; Less Innovation

    Doubling down on what doesn't work won't fix Detroit schools

  246. Spalding Quoted in The Detroit News
    Article highlights school choice in Detroit.
  247. In Memory of Bob Crowner

    Mackinac Center remembers a long-time friend

  248. Here are the Highest Paying School Districts in Michigan
  249. Proposal 1 Would Pay Michigan's Road Debt Hangover

    Paying down the state's road debt is a good idea

  250. LaFaive Quoted on State Board Meeting Spending

    The state spends $1.3 million on oversight boards each year

  251. Hooray for Gov. Snyder on Occupational Licensure

    Legislature should curtail these needless regulations

  252. Bottom Line Will Tell How Effective House Republicans are at Limiting Government
  253. Here we go Again: Trying to Make Legislators' Records Public
  254. Mackinac Analyst on Frank Beckman Show
    James Hohman talks about Proposal 1 study findings.
  255. March 27, 2015, MichiganVotes Weekly Roll Call
    A raise for judges; welfare truants; legalized scalping.
  256. WSJ: Pension Reform 'Transition Cost' Claim More Bogus than Ever

    Transitions costs are illusionary

  257. Proposal 1 Will Cost Average Michigan Household Up to $525 a Year in Extra Taxes
  258. What Happened in Five Days?
  259. How Right-to-Work Can Make Unions Stronger

    Unions can still collectively bargain, but must earn support of workers

  260. Poor Cities' School Districts Receive the Most Funding
  261. Budget Cut to the Bone? It's Increased by $5 Billion the Last Three Years
  262. House Considers Repealing Outdated Crimes
    Current crimes include walkathons and reproachful language.
  263. New Study Analyzes Impact of Proposal 1 on Taxpayers
  264. Proposal 1 of 2015: An Analysis
  265. State's Tourism Agency Sees Tourism-Boosting Lodging Service as a 'Threat'
  266. State Superintendent Puts Failing Schools Ahead of Students' Choice
  267. Site Map
    An overview of the website.
  268. Grands Rapids Mayor: Hate the Drillers, Love Their Money
  269. State Film Incentives are the Real 'President Business' Villain
  270. Transit: So Popular it Needs to be Subsidized
  271. Deficit-Ridden District Almost Demolishes Building Rather Than Take $3.5 Million From Charter
  272. March 20, 2015, MichiganVotes Weekly Roll Call
    Abortions, homosexual adoptions, bake sale "push-back"
  273. Automatic Tax Increases are Not Good Policy

    Letter: Continued cigarette tax policy will increase smuggling from other states

  274. Media Covers MEA President’s Public Pension

    Story first discovered by Michigan Capitol Confidential

  275. Detroit Free Press Follows Up Story Broken by CapCon
    Free Press story covers civil asset forfeiture victim.
  276. Dispute Over $1,500 Charge for Phantom Copies from State is Resolved
  277. National Study: Detroit Charters Should Serve as a Model for Other Communities
  278. If You Can't Beat 'Em, Sound Like 'Em
  279. Mackinac Research Featured in Wall Street Journal
    Hohman and Skorup cited on film subsidies
  280. Smuggling Rampant in Minnesota
    The unintended costs of cigarette 'sin' taxes
  281. The 'M' in MEDC Should No Longer Stand For 'Mystery'
  282. Mitch Albom's 'Single-Industry' Blunder
  283. A Conversation About Private School Choice
    with Dr. Michael Q. McShane and Bruce Braun

    Featuring Michael Q. McShane, a research fellow in education policy studies at AEI.

  284. Bill Package Includes Elimination of Energy Choice
  285. Community College Secretaries Secede From the State's Largest Teachers Union
  286. Letter to the Detroit Free Press on Film Subsidies

    Corporate welfare programs rarely produce net new jobs

  287. Mackinac Center Gets FOIA Charges Reduced from $1,550 to $50
  288. Partisan Left’s Corporate Welfare Position Depends on Which Party Holds Office
  289. Oklahoma Shows Pension Reform Can Boost a State's Credit Rating
  290. The GOP Politicians Who Voted Against Ending Film Subsidies
  291. Detroit News Highlights Mackinac FOIA Fee Case
    FOIA laws in need of reform.
  292. March 13, 2015, MichiganVotes Weekly Roll Call
    Crime & punishment, film subsidies.
  293. Washington Examiner Quotes Vernuccio
    Supreme Court could take up issue of agency fees.
  294. MEA Union President In Line for Six-Figure Government Pension
  295. How Steve Cook's Pension Will Cost Taxpayers
  296. House Vote on Terminating Michigan Film Producer Subsidies
    House rejects $50 million per year program.
  297. Three Reasons Why Michigan Should End Film Incentives

    Results show the investment is not worth it

  298. Excise Tax Hike on Cigarettes Irrational Choice for Washington

    Fewer legal sales doesn't necessarily mean lower smoking rates

  299. State on Required Payments for School Employees' Pension: 'The Check is in the Mail'
  300. Why Unions Care About Paid Sick Time
  301. Will Michigan GOP Continue Michael Moore Film Subsidies?
    Program is a waste of taxpayer money.
  302. LaFaive in Los Angeles Times
    Detroit’s foreclosure problem and what to do about it.
  303. Vernuccio Cited in Forbes
    Why Wisconsin and others become right-to-work.
  304. Unions and a Complicit Media in Pro-Paid Sick Time Campaign
  305. State Education Department's Puzzling Stance on Students' Family Income
  306. The 'Astroturf' Campaign to Force Employers to Give Paid Sick Time
  307. Thank You for Supporting CapCon!
  308. Paid Leave Isn't Free Leave
  309. $23K School Employee Upset that MEA President’s Pension Spiked by $200K Union Salary
  310. Thank You for Supporting the Center!
  311. Hey! Is that Brad Pitt in the Frozen Food Aisle?
  312. A $46,000 Spread in the Cost of Tuition Per Degree at Michigan Universities
  313. Weak Membership Growth Shows Need for New Union
  314. What the New Legislature Should Stand For — And What It Should Not
  315. Sheriff Lieutenant Caught on Video Saying Officers Disciplined for Not Writing Enough Tickets
  316. Right-To-Work For Taylor Teachers Begins Today
    Mackinac Center Legal Foundation case in the news
  317. March 3, 2015, MichiganVotes Weekly Roll Call
    Pension debt, double-dipping, film subsidies
  318. Now is the Time to Demand Transparency from State's Corporate Welfare Agency
  319. Hohman in Wall Street Journal
    Right-to-work states enjoy higher per capita income
  320. Michigan Appeals Court Denies Stay in Taylor Teacher Case
  321. School Reformers Have 'Significant Concerns' About State Superintendent Finalist
  322. House Committee Votes to End Michigan Film Incentives

    $500 million spent for no permanent jobs

  323. Everything You Need to Know, Except the Cost
  324. Obamacare's Michigan Tale: Small Drop in Uninsured While Families Pay More
  325. Wright on the Beckman Show
    MEA president earning taxpayer-funded pension.
  326. VoteSpotter

    Your legislators work for you, and now there is a one-click way to stay informed and keep an eye on what they are doing in Lansing and in Washington.

  327. More Jobs, Higher Pay Since Right-to-Work Passed in Michigan
  328. High Court Should Strike Agency Fees
  329. Mackinac Center Files Brief with U.S. Supreme Court to End Union Agency Fees
  330. How Wind Energy Creates More Dependence on Fossil Fuels
  331. Plot to Kill Film Credits Begins to Look Plausible
  332. Vernuccio in Washington Times
    Wisconsin at work on right-to-work
  333. February 27, 2015, MichiganVotes Weekly Roll Call
    BB guns (‘Ralphie’s Law’), more corporate subsidies
  334. 'If It's Not Illegal, It Should Be'
  335. Hohman on Film Incentives

    Price tag of $500 million for no industry growth

  336. LaFaive's Minnesota Senate Tax Committee Testimony

    Fiscal policy expert shows analysis of cigarette taxes and smuggling

  337. School District Carries MEA President on its Books, Boosting His Pension
  338. MEA President Inflating Public Pension with $200K Salary While Working for Private Union
  339. Hohman Testimony to House Committee
  340. How Occupational Licensing Redistributes Income
    No benefits to consumers to be found.
  341. IMPACT January/February 2015
  342. CBS 'Battle Creek' Show Misses City's Real Police Drama
  343. No Ineffective Teacher Left Behind
  344. Why Worker Freedom is Right for Wisconsin
  345. Vernuccio's Wisconsin Senate Committee Testimony Video
  346. The Facts on Electricity Choice

    Consumers pay a high price for utility monopolies.

  347. State's Corporate Welfare Agency Tone Deaf to Requests for Transparency
  348. Vernuccio Quoted on Illinois "Fair Share Dues"

    Unions can no longer deduct dues from non-member paychecks

  349. The 'Too Many School Districts' Myth
    Enrollment data doesn't support claim.
  350. Right to Work Isn't the Only Option

    The state should give workers and unions more choices.

  351. -untitled-
  352. Michigan May Send Film Credits to the Cutting Room Floor
  353. State's Corporate Welfare Agency Hasn't Faced Real Media Scrutiny
  354. February 20, 2015, MichiganVotes Weekly Roll Call
    Guns, drones and votes. Subsidies ate the budget.
  355. The Real Problem With ‘Economic Development’ Programs

    Michigan should end the MEDC

  356. 96 Percent of Michigan Schools Getting Richer
  357. MEDC Feeling the Heat for Corporate Welfare Deals Coming Home to Roost
  358. House Republicans Announce Criminal Justice Reforms
    The state should repeal antiquated and unnecessary criminal laws.
  359. LaFaive in National Media

    Mackinac Center expert's analysis on cigarette smuggling cited in national report

  360. Media Covers McHugh's Committee Testimony

    Few jobs, little transparency for Michigan corporate welfare machine

  361. A History of Corporate Welfare Failure: Mackinac Center Testimony in the Michigan House

    "The truth is these are mostly political development programs, not economic development programs."

  362. 2014 Was a Great Year for Adding Jobs in Michigan
  363. What if this had Happened at a Charter School?
  364. Governor Praises Detroit School Ranked Among the Worst in the State
  365. International Japanese School Gets a Second Chance
  366. Public Letter on Direct Automobile Sales

    Center signs on to letter explaining why state should allow car manufacturers to sell directly to consumers.

  367. Impact and How They Voted on May 5 Sales Tax Increase Ballot Measure

    Who voted “yes” and who voted “no” for $2 billion tax increase

  368. Labor Board Says Teacher Union Committed an Unfair Labor Practice and Acted “arbitrarily, indifferent and reckless”
  369. Right-to-Work Debate: Former Labor Boss and Think Tank Labor Expert Square Off
  370. Charter School Growth in Michigan is Not the 'Wild, Wild West'
  371. Lower Gas Costs Benefit School Funding in May 5 Ballot Proposal
  372. February 13, 2015, MichiganVotes Weekly Roll Call
    Presidential primary, absent voting, subsidies ate the budget.
  373. Reitz on Overcriminalization

    MCPP, ACLU and Manhattan Institute panel discussion.

  374. Double Tax on Some Fuels is Problematic for $2 Billion May 5 Proposal
  375. Vernuccio in Bloomberg Business
  376. Ballot Proposal Backers Weighing Strategy

    $2 billion tax hike vote on May 5.

  377. State-Protected Alcohol Cartels Don’t Improve Public Safety
  378. Ohio Cigarette Tax Increase Would Bring Unintended Consequences
  379. How to Deal with Michigan’s Vast Criminal Code
  380. Media Muddles Magnitude of May Tax Hike Vote
  381. How Michigan’s Prevailing Wage Law Raises Costs
  382. Overcriminalization in Michigan

    Michigan’s vast, disorganized criminal law inherently places residents at risk of unintentionally violating a growing array of regulatory crimes that are difficult to discover and understand. The complexity of administrating such a criminal code threatens to divert scarce resources away from the enforcement of serious violent and property crimes. This event will feature ideas about how to protect Michigan residents from overcriminalization and improve the state’s criminal law.

  383. Closing School Retirement System the Right Choice

    MPSERS has been underfunded in 29 out of the past 30 years

  384. Here's the Upcoming Political Drama in Michigan
  385. How Local Governments Toe the Line Advocating for Tax Hikes
  386. Increased North Dakota Tobacco Taxes Could Lead to Rampant Smuggling
  387. Court of Claims Tosses MEA's Right-to-Work Lawsuit
  388. Economic Freedom in Michigan and Beyond
  389. May Sales Tax Proposal Explained
  390. The Myth of a Spreading ‘Tax Cut Fever’
  391. What the New Legislature Should Stand For – and What It Should Not
  392. House GOP Action Plan Points the Way to Real Reform

    Repealing prevailing wage a top priority.

  393. February 6, 2015, MichiganVotes Weekly Roll Call
    Pension double dipping, concealed pistol rules.
  394. IRS to Tom Brady: Nice Trophy. What's That Worth?
  395. MEA Drops Attempt to Stop Vote on Decertification
  396. Teacher Claims Union Ruined Her Credit, Humiliated Her Over Trying to Leave
  397. Bipartisan Effort to Reform Licensing Laws

    President Obama, scholars call for rollback of rules.

  398. Vernuccio Op-Ed in Washington Times

    How Big Labor can solve its membership crisis.

  399. Energy Policy Director: Wind Energy isn't Cheap and Alone Can't Meet Our Needs
  400. Time to Uncork Beer and Wine Reforms?

    Office of Regulatory Reinvention seeks input.

  401. Difference Between Bridge and Center Report Cards

    Both are superior to state's Top-to-Bottom rankings.

  402. CapCon Celebrates its Five Year Anniversary
  403. CapCon Interview with Founding Editor Ken Braun and Mackinac Center President Joseph G. Lehman
  404. State Liquor Commission Should End Rules that Hike Prices
  405. Center Study Featured in WZZM Report

    Overcriminalization a growing concern nationwide.

  406. Litigants Ask Supreme Court to Review County Land Bank Cherry-Picking Prime Property
  407. Politicians Want to Review State Agency that has 1 in 5 Jobs Track Record
  408. Michigan Adds, Loses Thousands of Jobs

    More proof corporate welfare doesn't work.

  409. District Ties Teachers' Salaries to Financial Health
  410. One Lawsuit Settled, But No Truce in Wind Energy Debate
  411. Eight Days, 196 Bills, 12 Constitutional Amendments

    Repeal film subsidies, let nurses do more, stalking registry.

  412. The End of Hollywood Corporate Welfare?

    Legislators look to fix budget overspending.

  413. 'Free' Community College

    Not a very sound idea.

  414. Ethanol Study Touted as Independent Was Paid for by Corn Growers
  415. In Ann Arbor, Jim Harbaugh Gets $150,000 Academic Incentive – City's Teachers Get $150
  416. Federal Government Stymies Energy Production on its Land
  417. Granholm Too Cool For Her Own Cool Initiative?
  418. Jennifer Granholm = Job Creator ... Really?
  419. A Formula for Happiness with Arthur Brooks
    Join AEI president Arthur Brooks for a discussion on the intersection between work, happiness, and human flourishing. This event is co-sponsored by The Mackinac Center, AEI, and Acton.
  420. $10,000 Plus More a Year, But Take Home Pay is the Same?
  421. Michigan Celebrates School Choice
  422. Michigan Celebrates National School Choice Week
  423. Michigan Turns 178

    A look back at the early days.

  424. Fixing Michigan's Budget-Killing School Employees' Pension Up in the Air
  425. National School Choice Week at the Capitol

    The Mackinac Center for Public Policy and partner organizations cordially invite you to join us in celebrating National School Choice Week with an event from 11 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. on Jan. 27, 2015, at the Capitol.

  426. Spalding Discusses School Choice

    Joined on WKAR by Democratic lawmaker.

  427. Two Cheers for Legislators on Licensing

    Good progress in 2013, more to be done.

  428. Labor Policy Expert Cited on Union Decline

    Vernuccio in Detroit News, Free Press.

  429. State Revenue Increasing by $640 Million
  430. The Costs and Benefits of Wind Energy: Competing Groups Hold Forums
  431. 88 New Bills in Four Days — a Sampler
    Ban local Uber bans, restrict religious freedom restrictions.
  432. Wind Energy Allegations Deserve Hearings

    Claims about efficiency, health hazards should be explored.

  433. Governor Signs Bill Freeing Up Market Approach to Health Care
  434. State Out Nearly $300M from Cigarette Smuggling

    Yet another unintended consequence of high excise taxes.

  435. Why Not Double the Prevailing Wage?

    Arbitrary rate does harm taxpayers, school districts.

  436. Open Letter to the Liquor Control Commission

    Abandon rules allowing industry price collusion.

  437. State Agency Wants $1,500 for a No-Cost Electronic File
  438. Mackinac Center Sues Michigan Liquor Control Commission Over FOIA Fees
  439. Speed Limit Reform Died Last Year but May be Revived
  440. Despite Media Reports, Michigan's Revenues are Increasing
  441. Another Tobacco Store Burglary Today

    Unintended consequence of high cigarette taxes.

  442. MEDC's New Program: Government Funding Government
  443. Gov. Snyder’s 2015 State of the State Address Included Six Proposed Government Expansions, One Limitation
  444. How Michigan Blew a Hole in its Budget
  445. Point One Finger, Three are Pointing Back at You
  446. Feds Take Step Forward on Asset Forfeiture

    Now state needs to step up.

  447. Michigan Sales Tax Hike Proposal May Provide Schools With Less
  448. Did the State Superintendent Advocate Detroit Schools Hire More Teachers?
  449. And They’re Off – Jan. 16 Legislature Report
    Hike taxes, extend term limits, repeal "prevailing wage"
  450. 'Big Oil' and Climate Change

    Debunking an urban myth.

  451. Center Research Cited in Washington Post

    New cigarette smuggling study released.

  452. State Superintendent Advocates Hiring More Teachers in Detroit
  453. Legislature Looks at Repealing Prevailing Wage

    Center experts made suggestion 20 years ago.

  454. 'Blown Away' Program Prolonged

    Corporate welfare program a continued failure.

  455. MEGA Fail: Progress Michigan Bashes Republican Governor for Democratic Governor’s Program
  456. Awarded Millions, Wind Turbine Company Defaults on State Loan
  457. Renewable Energy Advocate Falsely Claims Industry is not Supported by Taxpayer Dollars
  458. Cigarette Smugglers Still Love New York and Michigan, but Illinois Closing In
  459. Analysis: High Cigarette Taxes Contributing to Increased Smuggling Rates in Michigan, Elsewhere
  460. Government Against Itself: Public Union Power and Its Consequences

    Please join the Mackinac Center for Public Policy in welcoming Daniel DiSalvo, assistant professor of Political Science at The City College of New York-CUNY and senior fellow at the Manhattan Institute's Center for State and Local Leadership.

  461. Michigan's Pension Underfunding Problem
  462. MEA Gives Update on Cyberbullying Bill While Still Bullying Ex-Members
  463. A Fresh Angle: Taking on 'Big Wind' With Competition
  464. ‘Tax Cut Fever’ – Never Burning Hot

    Has tax cut phobia gripped Lansing?

  465. A Presidential Flip Flop
  466. Five Years Later, Granholm's Green Economic Vision has Failed to Materialize
  467. The Mackinac Center, Policy, and Politics

    Setting the record straight

  468. Despite 'Tax Cut Fever,' State Revenue Grows by Billions
  469. LaFaive on WKZO in Kalamazoo

    Discussed migration, legislative priorities and roads.

  470. 'Green Energy' Companies Awarded $231 Million Created Just 44 Full-Time Jobs
  471. Union Tries to Block Election that Would Decertify it
  472. Doctors Accepting More Medicaid Patients – for Now
  473. A Better School Just a Mile Away, but Parents Don't Get a Choice
  474. Detroit Homicide Rate isn't the Lowest Since 1967, Despite TV Station's Claim
  475. Charter School Student Enjoying Success at Stanford

    Detroit student had been accepted to several top universities.

  476. Statewide Media Attention for Missed Votes Report

    How did your legislator do?

  477. Plan for Green Energy Biogas Facility in Reed City 'Just Dies'
  478. He's the Best Man for the Job, and So is His Brother
  479. Huron County Looks at Wind Turbine Moratorium
  480. Dear Taxpayer: Does This 'Bug' You?

    Politicians often focus on less important matters

  481. What is a 'Green Job'? Advocates Won't Say
  482. Bowl-ing for Dollars
  483. Happy New Year! It’s Time for Tax Cuts
  484. Center Report Card Puts School Performance in Context
  485. As Conventional Public Schools Fail Transparency Law, Charters are Targeted
  486. In or Out? How is Michigan Doing Among Other States?

    New United Van Lines National Movers Study released.

  487. How Would You Spend an Extra $130?

    How would you spend an extra $130?

  488. Politicians Don’t Guide the Economy, You Do
    Economic growth starts with the individual, not the state.
  489. No, Michigan is Not Projected to Run a Deficit
  490. Union Threatens School District for Removing Illegal Language From Contracts
  491. Happy New Year!

    The perfect time for tax cuts.

  492. The Best of the Best: CapCon's Top 10 Stories of 2014
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