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Tilt from Tax Cutting to Corporate Welfare Renews Failed Approach to Economic Growth

Lawmakers face a number of corporate welfare proposals

… 2000 and 2010: more corporate welfare. If there was … scaled back the pace of corporate giveaways, eventually … recession. But corporate welfare is always an attraction … more

Cut Corporate Welfare to Help Balance State Budget

Tenuous relationship between corporate welfare and economic health

… eliminate the state’s corporate welfare programs and supporting … Economic Development Corporation controls. Cutting … the state’s corporate-welfare bureaucracy. The … more

The Problem of Corporate Welfare

… Economic Development Corporation are defending … consider moving the corporate headquarters. The … more

Why did the Governor Flip Flop on Corporate Welfare?

Corporate handouts remain unfair and ineffective

… others ) and to large corporations has compelled … capitulation on corporate welfare. Why have Lansing politicians … program and lowering corporate taxes. These initial … multinational, Taiwan-based corporate titan Foxconn . … more

Return of the Mega Subsidy

Corporate welfare still demonstrably ineffective

… Economic Growth Authority corporate handout program, … allows a lucky few corporations chosen by state … generated by the state’s corporate income tax payers. MEGA … reject this parade of corporatist philosophy and … more

Michigan Crushes Korea in Corporate Welfare Handouts

Nearly $9 billion in crony-capitalism subsidies

… billion in subsidies to corporate interests, including … one of scores of corporate welfare giveaways approved … billion in checks to corporations for “refundable” … more

Center Research Cited in Daily Caller

Corporate welfare continues to grow

… Daily Caller about corporate welfare. You can read … the Center’s work on corporate welfare here more

Pure Flummery: Seeing Double on Corporate Welfare Spin

Pure Michigan ads are attractive corporate welfare

… Economic Development Corporation from a company … they amount to pure corporate welfare for the travel and … spending on a corporate welfare program that’s a major … more

The Allure of Corporate Welfare

Both parties seem to agree that handing out select subsidies and tax breaks is good politics

… governor who once called corporate welfare “the heroin drip of … the lipstick on the corporate welfare pig, but the pig itself … more