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The Great Lakes Trough Truce

Spending interest groups only ask for more money

… don’t complain about Medicaid. The prison union doesn’t … more

Sponsor Of Medicaid Work Requirements: They’re The ‘Right Thing To Do’

Able-bodied beneficiaries would have to get a job, get training, go to school or do community service

… condition of getting Medicaid health benefits. These … Michigan’s acceptance of the Medicaid expansion under the … condition of getting Medicaid health coverage from … requirements to get Medicaid. The requirements differ … more

As Medicaid Costs Skyrocket, States Have a New Opportunity to Innovate

New guidance on work requirements indicates potential for reforms

States have seen Medicaid costs skyrocket over … from the Center for Medicaid Services, which last … federal guidance for the Medicaid program, which includes … flexibility in their Medicaid programs. Take Michigan, … more

Michigan Legislature’s 10 Most Revealing Votes of 2017

Which side were your lawmakers on?

… accept the Obamacare Medicaid expansion. That move … more

Mackinac Center Legal Foundation

By The Numbers: 30 Years

… of their patients' Medicaid payments. This scheme … more

How Right-to-Work and the End of the 'Dues Skim' Killed the SEIU in Michigan

Membership, revenue and political spending plummet

… money directly from the Medicaid checks paid out to disabled … relatives of these Medicaid recipients, but were … million annually from Medicaid recipients. SEIU Healthcare-Michigan … more

Update: D.C.’s Tax Reform Sausage Making May Still Work Out

Tax Foundation Calculates $2,500 gain per Michigan family

… lead to a decrease in Medicaid costs and Obamacare … more

Half Of Able-Bodied Michigan Medicaid Expansion Enrollees Don’t Work

More than 600,000 enrolled, while total state unemployment down to just 218,000

… accept the Obamacare Medicaid expansion in 2013, it … level would enroll in Medicaid. The actual number turned … in the able-bodied Medicaid expansion population … number of able-bodied Medicaid expansion clients who … more