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Detroit Shows that Poverty is Not Stopping Parents from Opting for School Choice

More Detroit students in poverty attend charters than go to Detroit Public Schools

… school choice. If Detroit serves as an example, … 51,083 students from Detroit attending charter public … exceeds the 49,172 Detroit students who attend Detroit Public Schools. And … more

Bill Would Ban Red Light Cameras

Legislation not expected to move in lame duck

… Sen. Virgil Smith, D-Detroit, who was re-elected … more

Senate Can Promote Accountable Government with House Bill 4001

… no reason after the Detroit News requested records … more

Pontiac Schools' Story Written In Red Ink

The Detroit Free Press reported … more

Vernuccio Op-Ed in Detroit News

Restore democracy to the workplace

… recently wrote in The Detroit News that union members … more

Bringing Democracy Back to the Workplace

… originally appeared in The Detroit News on Nov. 14, 2014.) On … more

State Superintendent Claims Detroit Public Schools Has Dramatic Teacher Shortage

But DPS teachers per students ratio normal

… classroom sizes in Detroit Public Schools. Flanagan … teacher shortage. Detroit Public Schools has one … classrooms. In 2014-15, Detroit Public Schools has 2,836 … charter schools in the Detroit area with higher student-to-teacher … more

Michigan Bill Could Give Ride-Sharing an Uber Lift

Bill prohibits local governments from further regulation

… regulations are good for Detroit, they should be just … more