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Remembering Sir Nicholas Winton

The world has lost a true hero

… Memorial Center in metro Detroit last summer. He told … more

Measure Would Open Doors To University Board Meetings

… State Journal and The Detroit News) argued that the … more

How a Common Application Could Work for Detroit Parents

… choosing a school in Detroit, families are faced … apply at any school in Detroit. But efforts to … enrollment process in Detroit as inclusive as possible, … inclusive as possible, Detroit should follow the example … more

Mackinac Legal Expert Quoted in Detroit News

Examining the implications of new Supreme Court case

… the country. The Detroit News discussed the … more

Michigan House Wise to Shift Corporate Welfare Spending to Roads

Programs shown to be ineffective and wasteful

… Fisher) was asked by The Detroit News whether eliminating … more

DPS Emergency Manager Could Make Big Changes

Steps in the right direction are possible without changing laws

… for fixing what ails Detroit Public Schools: the … specifically for DPS and Detroit-area charter schools. But … more

Money in Politics: How Much Should Be Disclosed?

The Mackinac Center’s Arthur N. Rupe Foundation Debate

… have appeared in The Detroit News , Detroit Free Press , Lansing … more

It is Fine to Get Detroit Out of the School Pension System

Other districts already pay for Detroit's liabilities

Detroit Public Schools has been … paying to catch up on Detroit s pension liabilities. … underfunding is that Detroit has already off-loaded … shortfall is caused by Detroit. The retirement system … more

Lone Democrat Votes Against Party Line on Film Subsidies

… Rose Mary Robinson of Detroit. In March, Robinson … more