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More Than 18,000 in Michigan Voted Without a Photo ID This Election

… signed in the city of Detroit. Other cities with … more

ACLU Joins DeVos Assaults By Ignoring Inconvenient Charter School Truths

Charters do better, and outcompete conventional unionized schools when parents can choose

… public education in Detroit, with similar findings. … report concluded that Detroit s charter schools should … more

How the New York Times Distorts the Performance of Detroit Charters

Best available research shows Detroit charter schools are successful

… successful, especially in Detroit. But the New York … well, or worse than, Detroit s traditional public … half the charters in Detroit are doing only as … only one charter in Detroit performed worse in reading … more

The New York Times’ Comprehension Problem on Detroit Charters

… charter schools in Detroit. Douglas N. Harris, … study found that Detroit s charter schools performed … students in the city of Detroit (27 percent of the state s … more

School Choice Opponents Recycle Myths as Trump Picks DeVos for Education

No myth: Most children in charters learn more than peers in district schools

… beleaguered places like Detroit, Reville wrote the … average; 70 percent of Detroit s charter schools rank … schoolchildren from low-income Detroit households in charter … 2015 that children in Detroit charters gained the … more

Even With $500 Million Borrow-and-Spend, Detroit Schools Violates Building Codes

Without accountability, even half a billion doesn't go far

More than a dozen Detroit public schools have … facilities. In 2009, Detroit voters agreed to impose … property owners to improve Detroit Public Schools buildings. … request, the city of Detroit confirmed that at least … more