Resolved: That the United States should substantially change its federal agricultural policy.

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Research Articles

Information of Recipients of Federal Payments

Congressional Commission Endorses US Agricultural Proposals in WTO

Fake farm policy?

States shape the future of farming.

Facing the Farm Crisis. 

Biotech crops sow debate.

The Future Of Agriculture.

When good fences don't make good neighbors.

Michigan Lobsters.

U.S. agriculture needs leaders, not populists, to survive.

A Missing Farm Policy.

GM food, regulation and consumer trust.

The American states and their evolving impact on agricultural policies.

Rethinking the role of government in agri-food markets.

What drives agricultural cycles?

.... A group of Native American farmers and ranchers accused agriculture officials of discriminating against them ...

Gallo's whine: should Uncle Sam force business people to advertise their competitors' products?

Don't Look, Don't Find.

Glickman Says Payments To Farmers Reach Record $28 Billion.

Freedom to Fail.

Administration Outlines Stand On Emergency Ag Funding.

Here's one more piece of the puzzle for making things better.

The World Trading System The Road Ahead.

Let the Markets do their Job.

The Effect of Agricultural Policy on Farmland Values.

Reno Agrees To Look Into Ag Mergers.

Trade, food safety highlight 2000 agriculture budget.

The clock is still running for the `end game' for family farms.

Harkin Calls For Expanded USDA Conservation Programs.


Who will lead in the next farm bill debates?

Clash of Trends: Disappearing Water vs. Super Farms.

Fertilizer Facts and Fallacies.

Pesticide Economics.

Glickman Proposes Studying Biotech Products' Impact.

The effect of agricultural policies on land use and environmental quality.

Flimflam on the Farm.

USDA draft report shows cost of labeling.

Expanded trade is solution to farm crisis.

Agricultural Export Subsidies as a Tool of Trade Strategy: Before and After the Federal Agricultural Improvement and Reform

A Cautionary Tale: Failed U.S. Development Policy in Central America.

Seeds of discontent.

A techno-pox upon the land.


Farm Bureau Head Wants Permanent Payment Program.

USDA to seek extra funding for 2001.

Towards efficient farm support; Agricultural subsidies; Dealing with farm trade.

Kernels of Truth

EU Official Criticizes U.S. Freedom To Farm Payments.

Small Is Bountiful.

Q: should government fund promotion of U.S. farm products abroad? 

Glickman Finds Less Biotech Opposition Than Expected.

A knife at the throat of half a billion farmers.

What has the GATT/WTO Agricultural Agreement Actually Done?

Leading `Freedom To Farm' Advocate Now Calls For Overhaul.

FY2001 Agriculture Bill Approved Over Partisan Discord.

Legislators Seek More Information On Upcoming Ag Talks.

Farmers Hold Out Hope for Hemp Crops.

U.S. may be next to unveil GMO labeling scheme.

Senate passes $7.5 billion in farm aid.

FDA interventionism 

In Defense of "Frankenfood"

Layoffs are good

Poverty figures

Cato Policy Analysis

Ecological Effects of Pest Resistance Genes in Managed Ecosystems

Harmony Between Agriculture and the Environment:

Strategic Plan for 2000-2005 - USDA

Conserve Gas: Scrap the Ethanol Program

Farm Worker Legal Services Encourage Law of Unintended Consequences

Land Trusts: A Private Solution to Protect Michigan Farmland

EPA's Bad Science Targets Michigan Farmers

Using Sugar to Wash Down the Pork: The Joe Fordney Story

Market-Oriented Approach to Farmland Preservation Best Bet for Michigan

Environmental Quality 2000: Michigan and America at the 30th Anniversary of Earth Day

Not Ready for Roundup

The Food and Drug Administrationís New Proposal on Genetically Engineered Foods

Foods from Genetically Modified Crops

Biotechnology and Food

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