Resolved: That the United States should substantially change its federal agricultural policy.

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Source: Successful Farming, May 2001 v99 i7 p10.

Title: Fake farm policy?(mismanagement of price-supply subsidization
programmes)(Brief Article)

Full Text COPYRIGHT 2001 Meredith Corporation

Last month The Washington Post editorialized against continued spending for farm programs at current levels.

"The payments ought to be curtailed. They're excessive, go overwhelmingly to large producers who need them least, and embarrass even some who vote for them," The Post asserts. "But neither party in Congress wants to be the one to wield the knife. Instead, to curry favor in farm states, both engage in regular bidding wars to raise payments."

The next Farm Bill's goal, The Post says, "should be a modest safety net -- limited protection for consumers and producers alike against wide swings in basic agriculture prices and supplies, but not a guaranteed income for farmers, and especially not for the largest among them, who should be capable of looking out for themselves."

Mary Kay Thatcher, a lobbyist for American Farm Bureau, doesn't think the editorial will change many minds in Congress. But she warns farmers not to be complacent. Views about farm programs are changing, she says, so it's important to contact your own representative on the need for them.


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