Michigan Public School Superintendent Compensation Database

This database presents the estimated total compensation and current contract for every public school district superintendent in Michigan. The Mackinac Center originally compiled this information based on data provided directly by school districts and intermediate school districts in 2012. Based on responses received to information requests, most of the districts have been updated for 2016.

Please note that the amounts reported here may not precisely match current superintendent earnings, but is based on the latest information the district has made available to the public. Additionally, many pension contributions have been estimated based on a standard MPSERS employer contribution rate.

District Total Salary Pension Travel Sick Days Vac. Days Enroll-
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Insurance Annuity Other
1 Romulus Community Schools $181,634 $130,000 $33,514 $0 16 25 3,004 2014-2017
$18,120 $0 $0
  • "Insurance" can include medical, dental, life, vision, long-term disability or "cash-in-lieu" payments.
  • "Other" can include longevity payments or merit-based awards, among other things.
  • Does not include federal payroll taxes.

*Total compensation does not include salary paid on a per diem basis.

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