Michigan Public Elementary and Middle School
Context and Performance Database

This Web tool displays the 2009-2012 average “CAP Scores” for Michigan public schools serving grades three through eight. CAP Scores are based on the Mackinac Center’s Context And Performance Report Card: Elementary and Middle Schools, 2013. Asterisks next to a school’s name mean that school’s scores are based on just 2012 test scores. Some schools were excluded if they appeared to primarily serve students with special needs, or there was not enough data to calculate a school's CAP Score. The enrollment and free lunch percentages listed below are from the 2012-13 school year.

School School Type Locale Subgroup Enroll-
Free Lunch % Number
of Scores
CAP Score CAP Grade State Rank
1 Saginaw Preparatory Academy Charter Suburb: Midsize 423 95.7 66 117.21 A 99.1 22