Michigan Public High School Context and Performance Database

This Web tool displays the 2008-2011 average “CAP Scores” for all standard Michigan public high schools based on the Mackinac Center’s Michigan Public High School Context and Performance Report Card. Asterisks next to a school’s name mean that school’s scores are based on less than four years of publicly available data. CAP scores for schools that were not included in the report card due to insufficient data are listed as 'n/a'. Year-by-year results are available in the Excel file linked below.

School School Type Locale Subgroup Enroll-
Free & Reduced Lunch % Subject CAP Score CAP Grade State
1 Summit Academy North High School Charter Suburb: Large 547 35.0 Overall 90.80 F 8.3 543
ACT Composite 89.90 F 8.0 544
MME Math 86.20 F 6.8 550
MME Reading 93.20 D 12.7 515
MME Science 88.80 F 6.6 551
MME Social Studies 91.00 D 10.9 526
MME Writing 95.60 D 23.9 450