Michigan School District Revenue and Expenditure Report

These data are taken from the National Public Education Finance Survey and show major categories of revenue and expenditure for each public school district for fiscal 2004 through fiscal 2010. The figures appear as both dollar amounts per category and dollar amounts per pupil. Each district is compared to the state average.

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DescriptionHuron Valley Schools, 2010-11Per Pupil(duplicate)(duplicate) 
Average Daily Attendance: As Defined by State Law9,288.701.00   
Revenue: Local Sources of Revenue Subtotal34,900,609.443,757.32   
Revenue: Revenue From Intermediate Sources17,701.211.91   
Revenue: Revenue From State Sources65,698,231.557,072.92   
Revenue: Federal Sources of Revenue Subtotal4,766,634.63513.16   
Revenue: Total Revenue From All Sources105,383,176.8311,345.31   
Expenditures: Instruction: Subtotal52,908,035.525,695.96   
Expenditures: Support Services: Total By Object: Subtotal All Support Services 37,297,282.174,015.34   
Expenditures: Non-Instructional Services: Food Services Operations: Subtotal 2,723,544.40293.21   
Expenditures: Non-Instructional Services: Enterprise Operations: Subtotal0.000.00   
Expenditures: Direct Program Support: Direct Support Subtotal0.000.00   
Current Total Expenditures92,928,862.0910,004.51   
Expenditures: Facilities Acquisition and Construction Services: Non-Property Expenditures (Construction)0.000.00   
Expenditures: Community Services: NOT Including Property2,709,586.17291.71   
Expenditures: Direct Cost Programs: Direct Cost Programs Subtotal67,629.917.28   
Expenditures: Property4,420,179.58475.87   
Expenditures: Total Expenditures For Education100,126,257.7510,779.36   
Expenditures: Other Uses: Other Uses Subtotal17,965,556.551,934.13   


  • [1] This description was edited for length.

  • Totals and Subtotals appear as reported by the State. This report did not calculate them. Subtotals were bolded, and grand totals were bolded and italicized by the State.

  • Results reported for a particular “Federal Locale Code” are the authors’ calculations from state data for districts that are categorized by the federal government as belonging to that locale code.

  • “Expenditures: Support Services: Total by Object” items are a second set of subtotals of the same items grouped by object, and are redundant for reaching the grand total. The “Total By Object: Subtotal” equals the subtotal of the non-object subtotals which was not provided by the State.

  • “Expenditures: Instruction: Special Exhibit Items: Salaries” are additional breakdowns, and are redundant for reaching the Instruction: Subtotal. However, their sum does not equal the “Expenditures: Instruction: Salaries”.

  • “Property” items are not included in subtotals, but are included in “Expenditures: Property” as a subtotal and are included in “Expenditures: Total Expenditures For Education”.

  • “Expenditures: Other Uses: Other Uses Subtotal” (principal and interest) is not included in “Expenditures: Total Expenditures For Education”.