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New Red Wings arena should not get corporate welfare

New Red Wings arena should not get corporate welfare. … more

Lopez on Fox Business

Corporate welfare for movies unfair to taxpayers

Corporate welfare for movies unfair to taxpayers. … more

Politicians Should Stand Up for Taxpayers

Instead of sending their money to Hollywood

Instead of sending their money to Hollywood. … more

Ag Still Not Michigan's 2nd Largest Industry

And why that myth is so damaging

And why that myth is so damaging. … more

Corporate Welfare Schemes Need Transparency

Mackinac Center commentary in Detroit Free Press

Mackinac Center commentary in Detroit Free Press. … more

$1 Trillion Farm Bill Full of Subsidies, Special Favors

Majority of Michigan GOP delegation voted for it

Majority of Michigan GOP delegation voted for it. … more

Mark Schauer's Support for Corporate Welfare

He had lots of help from the GOP along the way

He had lots of help from the GOP along the way. … more

MDOT Subsidy Numbers Off Track

Amtrak passengers should pay their full share

Amtrak passengers should pay their full share. … more

Corporate Welfare Scheme Back With New Name

'Aerotropolis' now 'VantagePort'

'Aerotropolis' now 'VantagePort.' … more

Batman and Superman vs. Taxpayers

Film subsidy costs taxpayers almost $8 each

Film subsidy costs taxpayers almost $8 each. … more

State 'Super' Sizes Movie with Subsidy

Hollywood getting more corporate welfare from your pockets

Hollywood getting more corporate welfare from your pockets. … more

Corporate Welfare Won't Save Detroit

Red Wings should build their own arena. … more

Corporate Welfare Awarded for Superhero Movie

Big Hollywood getting $35 million of your money

Big Hollywood getting $35 million of your money. … more

WingsWorld on Fox Business

LaFaive on Fox's "Money" discussing Detroit … more

More Corporate Welfare for Detroit

New Red Wings arena should not be subsidized

New Red Wings arena won't save city. … more

Corporate Welfare a Continual Failure

Time for government to focus on the basics

Time for government to focus on the basics. … more

Films or Potholes?

Cost of film subsidy program would repair over 5 million potholes

Hollywood corporate welfare could be used to fix roads. … more

Stop Giving Tax Dollars to Hollywood

Corporate welfare for movies is "economically foolish." … more

Why Film Subsidies Must Go

Independent studies show Hollywood corporate welfare a bust

Independent studies show Hollywood corporate welfare a bust. … more

House Budget Puts Roads Above Film Subsidies

Some Republicans protecting Big Hollywood corporate welfare

But some Republicans want to protect corporate welfare. … more

Paul Williams RIP

Rock journalist made it on is own, with no subsidies. … more

Higher Scrutiny of Government 'Investments'

Mascoma pulls IPO, questionable subsidies remain. … more

Center Analyst Discusses Film Subsidies

Jarrett Skorup on FOX2 Detroit Sunday. … more

'Transformers 4' Taking $20M from Taxpayers

Last "Transformers" movie made $1.1 billion. … more

A Look Behind the Curtain

Center analysis exposes fallacies of Oz subsidies. … more

Media Ignores Costs In Film Coverage

Lawmakers exchange bad policy for Hollywood glitz

Lawmakers exchange bad policy for Hollywood glitz. … more

Michigan Gets Flying Monkeys for $40 Million

"Oz" defends its own corporate welfare while slamming others. … more

Michigan Taxpayers Already Paid for 'Oz'

Film costs state taxpayers almost $9 each

Disney gets $40 million subsidy; has $4.8 billion profit. … more

Time to 'Sequester' Arts Subsidies

Let people keep their own money, choose their own art. … more

Long Live Rock: Technology Throws a Lifeline

The market, not subsidies, helps music evolve. … more

Government Funding of 'Scientific' Research

Lots of benefits for politicians, little for taxpayers. … more

On Breughel and Brussels Sprouts

Why public funding for the arts, or food, is still a bad idea. … more

Road Funding or Film Subsidies?

GOP legislators have hard time prioritizing. … more

Subsidized Housing for Government Workers

Land bank deals should be extended to all buyers. … more

The Common Ploy for More Funding

Universities want even more tax dollars. … more

Ethanol Subsidies Costly, Damaging

Walker commentary in Lansing State Journal Sunday. … more

Terrible Track Record

Government's 'green' venture capitalism experiment a failure.

Government's "green" venture caplitalism experiment a failure. … more

Skorup Cited in Wall Street Journal

Taxpayers shouldn't fund sports stadiums

Taxpayers shouldn't fund sports stadiums. … more

Taxpayer-Funded Stadiums a Lose-Lose Proposition

If Ilitch wants new home for Red Wings, he should pay for it. … more

LaFaive: Put Subsidies for Detroit Red Wings on Ice

Taxpayers should not be forced to support stadiums, arenas. … more

The 'Pro Big Business' Myth Put to Rest

Center a lone voice against corporate welfare for 25 years. … more

Prop 3 Can't Change the Laws of Economics

No matter how badly supporters want to think it can

No matter how badly supporters want to think it can. … more

Legislators Propose More Corporate Welfare

Picking winners and losers; mostly losers.  … more

Prop 3 Would Cost Taxpayers Billions

Mandate means higher costs, more corporate welfare. … more

Wind Subsidies Upon Mandates Upon Subsidies

Ad Infinitum, Ad Absurdum

Maybe politicians should just let the market sort it out. … more

Economic Development a Campaign Tool

Subsidies help politicians look like they're "doing something." … more

13-Year-Old to Reopen Hot Dog Cart

It took a national spotlight, but ... … more

Lessons from Allen Park

City's foray into film subsidies misguided, costly. … more

Outsourcing Isn't the Problem

Special favors to bring jobs back not the answer. … more

GOP Budget Spends More on Film Subsidies

Picking Hollywood over taxpayers

Republicans want to keep giving your money to Hollywood. … more

Occupy to Protest Mackinac Center

Group sends mixed message with its words, actions. … more

Corporate Welfare Backers Change Tune

Subsidies now about "groundwork" after jobs fail to materialize. … more

Michigan's Job Loss Apocalypse Averted!

No thanks to the 'Department of Corporate Welfare.'

No thanks to the "Department of Corporate Welfare." … more

'Free' College Tuition Plan Questioned

Jobs attract graduates, not vice versa. … more

Movie Reviews

Media fails to report on film subsidies funded by taxpayers. … more

Flashy Projects Flash Back

It didn't have to come to this for Detroit

It didn't have to come to this for Detroit. … more

Same Old Story on Energy Policy

Politicians show continued folly of central planning

Politicians show continued folly of central planning. … more

Pfizer Story Cited

CapCon story forms basis for entire posting. … more

CapCon Coverage Gets National Media Attention

Story on A123 cited in Washington Examiner. … more

Center Cited in National Review

CapCon story on A123 battery maker draws national attention. … more

Center Cited on Tourism Subsidies

State study noted as "dubious." … more

Commentary: Tourism Study Flawed

State needs to abandon subsidy favors

State needs to abandon subsidy favors. … more

Center Analyst: College Subsidy Plan Won't Work

Michael Van Beek outlines the downsides to "Michigan2020." … more

Dim Bulbs

Editorial compares $50 light bulb to Chevy Volt … more

GM Suspends Volt Production

Center analyst cited on $250k subsidies. … more

Train Wreck: Amtrak Is a Case Study in Government Waste

Subsidies for Amtrak, other rail projects should end. … more

Editorial Cites Hohman on Chevy Volt Subsidies

Taxpayers on hook for up to $250K for each one sold. … more

Michigan's Solyndra?

Taxpayers on the hook for shady movie studio deal. … more

Center Analyst in Free Press on Film Subsidy Failure

State retirees on the hook for missed bond payment. … more

LaFaive Cited in Bloomberg Businessweek

Corporate welfare stretches back decades. … more

Hohman Cited by Fox on Chevy Volt

Analysis continues to draw national attention. … more

LaFaive Cited on GlobalWatt Eviction

San Francisco NBC affiliate covering story. … more

Chevy Volt Story Hits Media

CapCon uncovers generous subsidies to Chevy Volt … more

Harding Cited on Battery Maker's Decline

"Red flag" when subsidies dictate the market. … more

Center Credited for Ending Film Subsidy Payment

Editorial cites Center's work in uncovering $10 million plan. … more

Raiding State Trust Funds a Bad Idea

Legislators shouldn't pretend to be venture capitalists. … more

Center Analysts Expose Corporate Welfare Failure

Harding, McHugh Op-Eds in Detroit, Holland. … more

'Green Jobs' Replaced with Blue Collar Jobs?

Government gambling with taxpayer dollars loses again. … more

Hey, Hey, Ho, Ho, Corporate Welfare's Got to Go

Tea partiers, Occupiers can agree on this chant. … more

$500m Subsidy for Finnish Electric Car Maker

Is this for green energy or foreign aid? … more

Pot, Meet Kettle

Subsidized solar firms decry solar subsidies ... in China. … more

From the Department of You Can't Be Serious ...

MSU gets federal grant to study economic development subsidies. … more

'Green Jobs' Smackdown Worth Repeating

New study shows dismal return on millions in subsidies. … more

Electric Cars Nonstarter With Consumers

New survey shows disinterest in electric cars. … more

The Solyndra Lesson

More subsidies not the answer to job creation. … more

Politicians Pursue 'Green Jobs' at Their Peril

Propping up bad policy could cost them their jobs. … more

GOP Combines Corporate Welfare & 'Cool Cities'

Do Senate Republican politicians get the Tea Party? … more

It's Not Easy Subsidizing Green

Goverment should stop wasting money on green jobs. … more

Where Are All the Green Jobs?

Green jobs subsidies lead to red ink. … more

Corporate Environmental Indoctrination

Subsidized companies dabbling in school curriculum. … more

Going in Circles

Subsidies for NASCAR track questioned. … more

How Federal Money Doesn't Translate Into Jobs

Who spends money better, the government or private individuals? … more

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