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Jack Spencer

Capitol Affairs Specialist

Jack Spencer is Capitol affairs specialist for Michigan Capitol Confidential, a news service of the Mackinac Center for Public Policy. Spencer is a veteran Lansing-based journalist who worked 13 years at the Michigan Information & Research Service.

Forced Unionization Campaign Pretending 31-Year-Old Program Doesn't Exist

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Court of Appeals Says Union Power Grab Should Be on Ballot

Union Money Behind Health Care Ballot Proposal Not Well Hidden

Union Signature Claim Off By Nearly 130,000

Wisconsin Official on Health Care Exchange: 'Waiting Is the Prudent Thing to Do'

After Veto, Gov. Snyder's Commitment To Transparency Questioned

'Dues Skim' Proponents, State Department Struggle to Explain Health Care Scheme

Union Power Grab Proposal Heading To Court

Pension Obligation Bonding Bills Expected To Move

Study Says Most Home Health Care Workers Taking Care of Family, Friends

Big Votes Coming Up In the Legislature

Bentivolio Battling GOP Establishment

Home Health Care Ballot Initiative Would Usurp Power From the Governor

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Green Energy Mandate Supporter Claims Individuals 'Do Not Have Rights to Quiet'

Proposal To Keep Forced Unionization Intact – It’s All About The Money

Eaton County Dumps Prevailing Wage Law

'Dues Skim' Ballot Proposal Proponents Cloud Issue With Mistruths

Union Omits $12K From Disclosure Form That Was Paid to Keep Health Care 'Dues Skim' Alive

Attorney General Appeals Ruling That Allows SEIU to Keep Taking Dues From Medicaid Checks

Wind Association Executive To State Bureaucrats: 'Delete These Types of Emails'

Wind Noise Dispute Pits Scientists Against State Officials

Union Health Care Ballot Supporters Say They Have Enough Signatures for a Vote

Pontiac Turnaround Stories: City Vs. Schools

Windmill Spin: 'No' Means Maybe

Group Rallies Against Push For Unproven Alternative Energy

Despite Law, SEIU Gets To Continue Taking Medicaid Check Money

Union 'Dues' vs. Union 'Fees': Michigan Union Head Deliberately Clouds the Issue

SEIU Extends Home Health Care Contract On Day Governor Signs Bill Making 'Dues Skim' Illegal

Walker Lesson: We Can Stand Up To Big Unions

Walker Opponents: ‘Shhh, Don’t Mention Collective Bargaining’

Wisconsin Dems, Unions Could Claim Victory Even If Gov. Scott Walker Wins

Battle With 'Overzealous' Tax Hunters Continues

Labor Group Targets Disabled Rehab Program Participants For Unionization

Town Votes Down Windmill Plan, Board Moving Ahead Anyways

Personal Property Tax Phase-Out Matters For Michigan

No Relief In Sight For Home Health Care Workers

GOP's 'No' Votes On School Choice Defend Their Decisions

Union Money Helps 'Dues Skim' Stay Alive

Alcohol Regulation Study: No Advantage To Tighter Restrictions

Energy Debates Heat Up As High Electric Rates Continue

'Skim Tracker' Hits $30 Million

Union Lobbying Helps Keep Prison Privatization Bill Locked Up

Renewable Energy Standard Driving Prices Higher in States, Europe

Lawmakers, Governor Seeking To Get Project Labor Agreement Ban Back In Place

House Votes To Raise Cyber School Cap

Home Health Care Dues Still Being Skimmed

'Green' Energy Advocates Targeting Michigan Again

Aiming To Outlaw Government Revenue Bounty Hunters

Despite Environmental Alarmism, Great Lakes Have Not Been Setting Low Water Level Records