[Photo of Jarrett Skorup]

Jarrett Skorup

Policy Analyst

Jarrett Skorup is a policy analyst and Digital Engagement Manager at the Mackinac Center for Public Policy. He is also the content manager for Michigan Capitol Confidential. Prior to his current position, Skorup was a research associate at the Center.

Skorup is a graduate of Grove City College with degrees in history and political science. He also studied economics and religion. While there, he was captain of the college's wrestling and Ultimate Frisbee teams. He was a student fellow at the Center for Vision & Values, the school's research and scholarship think tank.

His work has been featured in The Wall Street Journal, Fox News, MLive, Detroit Free Press, Detroit News, and many newspapers across the country.

A native of Sandwich, Illinois, Skorup is an avid fan of the Chicago Cubs, Bears and Bulls. Besides studying and writing about public policy, he officiates high school wrestling.

He lives in Midland, MI with his wife, Karen, and children Grayson and Reagan.

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Teachers' Unions vs. Schoolchildren

The NAACP teams up with a New York City teachers' union to shut down charter schools for low-income students. … more

Selective Economics

Some argue that taxpayer bailouts of favored corporations create jobs, but that business tax cuts do not. … more

Michigan Business Owner: Tax Reform Means 'Our Company Will Create Jobs'

'A "Crisis" That Never Ends'

Tax Cuts vs. School Spending

Spending more on schools doesn't guarantee better results. … more

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The governor's budget proposal would relieve the afflicted at the expense of the protected. … more

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There is nothing “fair” about unelected boards deciding which companies pay higher taxes and which companies pay less. … more

School District Saves $60K by Being More Transparent

Who Benefits From Lower Business Taxes?

Just as individuals respond to changes in their personal financial situations, businesses, too, are affected. And taxing business will surely give us less of it. … more

Do Pricing Guns Create Jobs?

Transparency Not Rapid for Kent Co. Transit Agency

A Transparency Fight in the Village of Armada

Natural Disasters Are Good?

It is only when you ignore the unseen that one can see a disaster that killed 6,000 people and left 300,000 homeless as a positive economic event. … more

A Tip on the Effects of Raising the Sub-Minimum Wage

Legislation introduced in Congress would increase the minimum wage for restaurant servers and other tipped workers. But raising the minimum wage, as Congress has done repeatedly the past few years, almost always generates unemployment higher than it would otherwise be, and is a net loss for society and the poor. … more

A Lesson on Public-Sector Unions

With public employee unions throwing tantrums in Wisconsin, Ohio and Michigan over proposed budget cuts, it’s worth remembering that no matter how out of whack they get, government employee compensation levels will never be enough for these unions. This attitude is in the DNA of public-sector unions, and it defines their reason for existing. … more

Education Group Documentary Aims to Show 'Kids Aren't Cars'

Government Is Not a Jobs Bank

Regardless of what the public employee unions believe they are entitled to, Michigan taxpayers and businesses are not getting better service despite paying higher costs. The purpose of government is to provide necessary services for the least cost, not provide a jobs program and wealth transfer from the people to public employees and their unions. … more

Weekly Roundup - Jan. 29

Tax Hikes Chase Jimmy John's From Illinois

While Jimmy John's Gourmet Sandwiches had planned to expand in its hometown of Champaign, Ill., new massive tax hikes from the Illinois Legislature are sending Jimmy John's looking to relocate in more business-friendly states. … more

Weekly Roundup - Jan. 22

Illinois Jobs Coming to Michigan?

Early this week, on its last day of session, a lame-duck Illinois Legislature passed a 67-percent income tax increase, along with large business and corporate tax hikes. The measure was approved by just a single vote, and was shrouded in backroom deals and payoffs to constituency groups across the board. The Chicago Tribune’s lead editorial the following day had a short headline: “Goodbye, Jobs.” … more

The Rose-Colored Glasses of Political Dusk

Despite political spin, Michiganders shouldn't be convinced that the economy right in front of their faces is a sign of progress. … more

Projections vs. Reality

Weekly Roundup - Dec. 18

MEA Executive Salaries 'Not Based on Merit'

Weekly Roundup - Dec. 11

Don't Tenure Current Teacher Tenure Law

Don't Tenure Current Teacher Tenure Law

The Michigan Legislature recently debated a modest teacher tenure reform bill that passed in the Senate but then died when the House failed to act. The issue will surely return in the 2011 session, and when it does, lawmakers should consider the following:
Under current law, it is nearly impossible to fire a tenured teacher, no matter how ineffective. … more