[Photo of Jack McHugh]

Jack McHugh

Senior Legislative Analyst

Jack McHugh is the Mackinac Center for Public Policy’s senior legislative analyst and editor of MichiganVotes.org, a unique Web site that puts the activities of the Michigan Legislature at citizens’ fingertips. Since the site was launched in 2001, McHugh has written or edited concise, plain-English descriptions of every bill, vote and amendment in the state House and Senate: 12,000 bills; 10,000 roll call votes; 8,000 amendments; and 2,400 new laws. These can all be searched and sorted on the MichiganVotes.org Web site.

McHugh’s experience prior to joining the Center is wide and varied. He has been a floor trader in the treasury bond and gold futures “pits” of the Chicago commodity exchanges, writer and real estate developer. He entered the Michigan political and public policy scene in 1994, spending six years as a legislative chief of staff in the House of Representatives.

McHugh has a bachelor’s degree from the University of Michigan and a master’s degree in political science from Central Michigan University (where he completed two highly relevant research projects, “Analyzing Michigan House Voting Records Using the ‘MichiganVotes.org’ Database” and “Analysis of Appropriations to Michigan’s Public Four-Year Universities, with Recommendations”).

Jack McHugh’s essays on public policy issues have appeared in The Detroit News, the Detroit Free Press, The Oakland Press, The Grand Rapids Press and many other newspapers. He is also co-author of a book on Midwest mountain bike trails.

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Affordable HSA Insurance Growing

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Official Calls Obamacare Implementation “A Mess”

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McHugh Reponds to Chuck Moss on Pension Reform

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AEI: 'Pension Industrial Complex'

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House GOP Would Stick Taxpayers With Billions

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Two Cheers for Teacher Pension Reform Bill

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Quo Vadis, Michigan?

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There's No School Retiree Health Benefit 'Entitlement'

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Carnac Predicts:

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Prisons Not an 'Economic Development' Program

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School Employee Retirement Benefits

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University Budget Transparency vs. Secret 'Appropriations Mud Pit'

Increasing term limits won't help government transparency. … more

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'Best Article on Wind Farms You Will Ever Read'

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As Americans Await Obamacare, Canadians Wait Longer for Treatment

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Medical Freedom Zones

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Senators Admit Obamacare Is Unconstitutional

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Obamacare: GOP 'Hostage Taker'

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Hey, Hey, Ho, Ho, Corporate Welfare's Got to Go

Tea partiers, Occupiers can agree on this chant. … more

Obamacare 'Mandate' Could Penalize 70,000 Here

Based on Massachusetts' "Romneycare" experience, thousands of Michigan families could get slammed. … more

NFIB: 'No Rush' on Creating Obamacare Exchange

NFIB chief says to go slow on Obamacare exchange. … more

ALEC: 'No' to Exchanges, 'Yes' to Health Compact

"(I)t is not in the best interest of the state for any state official to participate in planning or establishing health insurance exchanges as provided for in the federal Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act." … more

Tea Party Uses MichiganVotes to Rank Legislators

Scorecard tool can track bill votes of your choice. … more

Obamacare 'Bending the Cost Curve' UP

Estimated 14 percent increase with, 3.5 percent without. … more

Unionized Government Takes and Spends More

How unions impact Michigan's overspending problem. … more

'Green Jobs' Smackdown Worth Repeating

New study shows dismal return on millions in subsidies. … more

Legislature Finally Repeals Health Care Benefits for 'Retired' Lawmakers After a Decade of Disagreement

Senators appear to get the best deal in "compromise." … more

Obamacare Exchange: The People or the Insurers?

Insurers' desire for clarity is trumped by people's need for repeal. … more

Careful What You Wish for on Health 'Exchange'

"Exchange" opens a bigger can of worms than lawmakers realize. … more

Ark. Dem. Gov. Says 'No' to Obamacare Grant

Gov. Snyder says yes to same.
 … more

Creating Health 'Exchange' Entrenches Obamacare

Exchange supporters risk Obamacare "collaborationism." … more

Preparing for a Unicorn Stampede

Likelihood of Obamacare exchanges "close to zero." … more

Tax $$$ for Gov't Union Ban Stuck in GOP Senate

Law would ban public pay for union work. … more

GOP Combines Corporate Welfare & 'Cool Cities'

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Michigan Could Lose Jobs Under Obamacare

Romneycare: 18k fewer jobs in Massachusetts. … more

Big D Gets a 'C-' for Transparency

New website grades municipalities' online transparency. … more

More GOP Backlash Against Recall-Happy MEA?

State Senate pushing deeper school reforms lately. … more

NY GOP Blocking State 'Obamacare' Exchange

Michigan Republicans moving ahead with one here. … more

What if Employers Provided Housing?

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Political Power, Central Planning & 'Stimulus' vs. the People

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The Green Jobs Myth

Paying more to get the same thing does not improve the well-being of families, businesses, the economy or the nation. … more

Feds: 'Never Mind' on State Obamacare Exchanges?

The department says just 11 states have "embraced" the exchange idea, which is a core component of Obamacare. … more

Why Health Care in Michigan Is Expensive

"Certificate of need" law drives competition down, costs up. … more

Reagan Fires CMU Faculty PATCO Strikers

Dealing with illegal strikes. … more

How Will ObamaCare Mess Up My Life and Livelihood?

Useful information as Michigan prepares for an ObamaCare “exchange.” … more

Michigan Legislature Micromanage? Ahem ...

The political system’s urge to regulate everything under the sun. … more

Morning in America: Obamacare Repealed

A multi-state health care compact could replace Obamacare with state-federal power sharing. … more

Government Math: Always Round Up

Redecorating at the state Capitol.  … more

Heritage Foundation Opposes Obamacare "Exchanges"

The conservative Heritage Foundation does not support Obamacare exchanges.  … more

Model Resolution Opposing Obamacare Exchange

The American Legislative Exchange Council will take up draft legislation next week. … more