Pope Francis Favors School Choice

Educating children a “primary” and “inalienable” right of parents

The following is a quote from Pope Francis’ recent “apostolic exhortation” on the subject of “Love in the Family:”

At the same time I feel it important to reiterate that the overall education of children is a “most serious duty” and at the same time a “primary right” of parents. This is not just a task or a burden, but an essential and inalienable right that parents are called to defend and of which no one may claim to deprive them. The State offers educational programmes in a subsidiary way, supporting the parents in their indeclinable role; parents themselves enjoy the right to choose freely the kind of education – accessible and of good quality – which they wish to give their children in accordance with their convictions. Schools do not replace parents, but complement them. (Emphasis added.)

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H/T: Nicholas G. Hahn III piece in the Wall Street Journal, April 14, 2016

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