Research Associate Jarrett Skorup was interviewed on 1320 WILS's "Tony Conley Morning Show" today regarding the updated job numbers to CapCon's breaking news story from last summer regarding Mascoma Corp., the "green" energy company.

Mascoma Corp. received more than $100 million from the federal government and $20 million from the state of Michigan to build a plant in Northern Michigan. They promised to create 70 jobs, and so far three jobs have been reported. Promises to build the plant by 2012 were not fulfilled either. 

Reported in the most recent CapCon Article, "Mascoma is a biofuel company that has developed a new type of yeast used to lower the costs of ethanol. It currently sells that product to corn ethanol makers, but has received government funding with the hope of using it for cellulosic ethanol."

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