President Obama last week spoke out against the effort in Lansing to pass a right-to-work law and is expected to reiterate his opposition to worker freedom today in a previously scheduled visit to Detroit.

"The President believes our economy is stronger when workers get good wages and good benefits, and he opposes attempts to roll back their rights,” said a White House spokesman. “Michigan — and its workers' role in the revival of the US automobile industry — is a prime example of how unions have helped build a strong middle class and a strong American economy."

But do Obama voters agree with the president’s labor agenda? The president easily won Michigan with more than 2.5 million votes, yet 24 percent of those voters couldn’t be troubled to vote “yes” on Proposal 2, which would have enshrined collective bargaining in the state constitution and would have prevented the very right-to-work law the president now opposes. More Michigan voters said “no” to Prop 2 than voted for him.

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