Labor Policy Director F. Vincent Vernuccio is cited in Reuters and appeared on “The Willis Report” on Fox Business to discuss the benefits Michigan would accrue from becoming a right-to-work state.

Vernuccio told Reuters that Michigan has already been impacted by Indiana passing a right-to-work law earlier this year. The Hoosier state has added 43,300 jobs, while Michigan lost 7,300. He specifically points to Caterpillar’s decision to move its London, Ontario, plant to Muncie, Ind., which was announced shortly after Indiana passed its worker freedom bill.

“If any equipment had to be moved, it probably traveled through Michigan to get to its new home,” Vernuccio said of Caterpillar’s decision.

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On Fox Business, Vernuccio explained that right-to-work does not affect collective bargaining other than to take away a union’s ability to get an employee fired if they choose not to financially support the union.

“It actually makes unions stronger because they have to be more accountable to their members.”

Vernuccio also appeared on WNEM-TV5 in Saginaw and WJRT-TV12 in Flint Wednesday night to discuss the issue.


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