This legislative week was dominated by the Governor's State of the State address, with mostly pro-forma sessions surrounding it. A few comparatively minor bills were passed on Thursday.

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Senate Bill 778, Restrict ad hoc road-end “marinas”: Passed 30 to 6 in the Senate
To establish that unless a deed, easement, or other recorded dedication expressly provides for it, a waterfront road end may not be used for boat hoists or docks; for mooring between midnight and sunrise; or for any activity that obstructs access to a lake or stream. Local governments could ban or regulate uses that are not specified in property owners’ deeds, easements, etc.

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House Bill 4403, Revise jury duty detail: Passed 35 to 0 in the Senate
To require county jury boards to send a juror qualifications questionnaire to persons who previously failed to return the questionnaire. This would prevent jury duty dodgers from avoiding future calls to duty.

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Senate Bill 717, Create new “hunters helping farmers” program: Passed 36 to 0 in the Senate
To create a new government program that matches farmers suffering excessive crop damage from deer with hunters who want to take more antlerless deer (as already permitted in specific cases for crop damage reduction purposes).

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