How many people are without insurance in your state, and can they afford it? The Georgia Public Policy Foundation breaks out the numbers for Georgia, and provides a link to a nifty data tool that provides some answers — or at least estimates from the Census Bureau.

Here’s the item from the Foundation’s Friday Facts publication:

Who are the uninsured? The proportion of people without health insurance in 2008 (15.4 percent) is virtually unchanged from a decade earlier. Of Georgia’s 9.5 million residents, 1.7 million were uninsured in 2008. This includes 299,000 non-citizens, 284,000 with household incomes above three times the poverty level ($66,000 for a family of four) and 580,000 living in households earning less than $25,000, many of whom are eligible for existing government programs and are not signed up. You can explore the latest estimates yourself here:

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