Howard Dean, ex-"of Vermont" and former head of the Democratic National Committee, recently spoke in Vermont to stump for the Democrats health care plans.

It’s not an argument about single payer versus insurance, the fundamental question is, who gets to choose. And the genius behind the Obama plan is that we believe instead of having the Congress and bureaucrats and the insurance companies and employers and politicians make this choice, the American people ought to be able to make this choice for themselves. … We’re not saying you have to be in it. There are a lot of people who like their employer-based system. But we are saying we ought to make that a choice,” he said.

If you think that choice is important, why don’t you call for measures that truly promote consumer choice, such as cross-state sales of health insurance, making high-deductible insurance paired with HSAs available, and removing regulations that restrict the supply of medical services? Instead, you’re promoting legislation that arguably will make HSAs illegal and eventually drive private insurance companies out of business?

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