Passing Bicycles, Peppier Pepper Spray, High School Internship Credit, More

March 23, 2018 MichiganVotes weekly roll call report … more

Hamtramck Academy Tops Mackinac Report Card

NHA charter school aims high, beats odds, busts myths … more

When the Goal of Spending Money is to Spend Money

Transit should instead be about getting people places … more

Democratic Attorney General Candidates Favor Civil Asset Forfeiture Reform

Bipartisan support for protecting property rights and due process … more

Dearborn Schools Rise to the Top

District has remarkable showing on new CAP report card … more

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Michigan School Employees Can Officially Resign From Their Union At Anytime

Supreme Court rejects MEA’S ‘August window’ appeal … more

Awareness and Education Effort Launched Around Landmark Janus Case

My Pay My Say will be an Information Clearinghouse, Engaging With Workers and Educating Them on Their Rights … more

Mackinac Center Ranks Michigan’s Elementary and Middle Schools

The third edition of the Context and Performance Report Card unveiled … more

ACLU and Mackinac Center Call on Legislature to Require a Conviction Before Police Can Keep Property

Report shows forfeiture in Michigan typically involves small amounts of money, property taken from people never convicted of a crime … more

Study: Michigan Business Development Program of Questionable Merit

Research shows decline in jobs in counties where subsidized projects are located … more

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