Kary Moss has been the Executive Director of the ACLU of Michigan since 1998. She has been a practicing civil rights attorney since 1987 and holds a Masters in International Affairs from Columbia University and a J.D. from CUNY Law School at Queen’s College. She has litigated or overseen many cases of national importance, including those regarding racial profiling as well as privacy and technology concerns.

Gregory Rehmke directs educational programs for Economic Thinking/E Pluribus Unum Films, a nonprofit organization in Seattle, Washington. He has a degree in Economics from the University of Washington and has lectured and published widely on economics and history of a variety of public policy issues.

Richard Edwards is professor of Communication studies at Baylor University. Since 1972, he has been the author of the “topic introduction” issue of the Forensic Quarterly. He has also been a college debate coach for 25 years and has directed high school summer debate workshops at Northwestern, Georgia State and Baylor universities.

Mike Winther has written articles on many public policy issues and is a frequent lecturer at debate camps. He has a vast 30-year experience with both participating in and coaching debate. Mike and his wife currently coach a California debate club which has consistent success with their teams — placing within the top 10 rankings, nationally.