MUNISING —Residents of the Upper Peninsula County of Alger on May 13 and May 20 saw an unusual ad in the local newspaper, The Munising News: an ad requesting bids for privatizing the Alger County Airport.

The board of commissioners for Alger County sought to privatize the airport largely because of its cost, though budget cuts have reduced taxpayer outlays substantially from the $6,000 per year the airport was receiving a few years ago. The airport, which has served Alger County since 1928, is actually owned by the U. S. Forest Service and leased by the county. The commissioners would like to find a private party that would be able to make improvements that the county cannot afford to make.

Bids for a three-year contract to operate the airport were due on May 22 and on May 26, 1998. The Pictured Rock Flying Club was the winning bidder and is now supporting the airport by "simply paying the bills."