Dear Friends of Joe Overton and the Mackinac Center for Public Policy:

Never underestimate what it means to know that you are not grieving alone. All of us at the Mackinac Center have drawn great strength from the incredible outpouring of thoughts and prayers that have come our way in the aftermath of our colleague Joe’s passing on June 30.

Expressions of condolence, tribute and support have arrived in such volume that we have not been able to acknowledge every single one, but I wanted to be sure that everyone who sent flowers, gifts, e-mails, faxes, letters and cards, or made phone calls to our office, knows that they are deeply appreciated. We are sustained by our faith, our love for and remembrance of Joe, and the support of so many good friends from around the world. You have our deepest gratitude. We are sharing all these expressions with Joe’s wife Helen and his mother, brother and sister—all of whom are just as grateful.

Yesterday’s funeral service was picture-perfect. Beautiful words about Joe and lots of love.

You are, all of you, a part of a special family of wonderful people committed to noble causes and we will never forget your help in this difficult time.


Lawrence W. Reed
Mackinac Center for Public Policy


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