Vernuccio Testifies on Right-to-Work in West Virginia

Director of Labor Policy described how states benefit from worker freedom

Mackinac Center Director of Labor Policy F. Vincent Vernuccio testified today before the West Virginia Legislature about how right-to-work laws can benefits states. West Virginia is expected to pass a right-to-work law soon, giving workers the freedom to hold a job without joining a union.

F. Vincent Vernuccio Testifies

Vernuccio pointed to the successes experienced in other states that have adopted right-to-work legislation in recent years, something he discussed earlier this week in an op-ed published by the Charleston Gazette-Mail, co-authored by Michigan Capitol Confidential reporter Jason Hart.

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From 2012, the year Michigan passed right-to-work, until mid-2015, incomes in Michigan rose over nine percent faster than West Virginia and the national average,” Vernuccio and Hart wrote. “From 2012-14, average hourly wages increased by 56 cents to $19.94 in Indiana, by 56 cents to $21.70 in Michigan, but only by 37 cents to $18.21 in West Virginia.

Vernuccio was joined at the West Virginia House of Delegates by Terry Bowman, a former UAW member and current president of Union Conservatives, who also encouraged the Legislature to support the legislation.

Terry Bowman Testifies

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