It’s National School Choice Week, an annual reminder of the importance of offering parents freedom in selecting the type of educational experience they deem best for their children. About 7,500 people in Phoenix kicked off the week on Friday night, and there are 3,500 events scheduled around the nation the rest of the week, including a whistle-stop train tour from Los Angeles to New York.

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The great thing about this week is that it’s solely focused on celebrating educational freedom. It sets aside debating about policies, quibbling over research findings and vilifying opponents (which, sadly, happens very often in discussions of parental choice in education). It’s a time to simply recognize and respect the choices parents are making to try to improve their children’s future.

As supporters of market-based solutions to improve society, Mackinac Center analysts consistently support the expansion of educational freedom. And as we normally do, we’ll be posting articles this week that are dedicated to this important issue.

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