The state House and Senate finalized their organizational details for the new session this week. There was just one final-passage floor vote on a substantive measure, a gun bill, see roll call information below. This report therefore includes several other newly-introduced firearms-related bills of interest.

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Senate Bill 60, Clarify statutory gun dealer reference: Passed 31 to 5 in the Senate
To make a technical change to a statutory reference to federal firearms dealers. Reportedly this is necessary because under current state law, many licensed firearms dealers could be considered in violation of every time they sell a pistol.


Newly Introduced Firearms Bills of Interest

Senate Bill 63 and House Bill 4099: Assert immunity of "Michigan-made" firearms from federal gun bans (“Firearms Freedom Act”)
Introduced by Sen. Phil Pavlov (R) and Rep. Greg MacMaster, respectively to establish that firearms which are completely made in Michigan and remain within its borders may be possessed and sold in this state, notwithstanding any potential federal gun bans that claim authority based on the U.S. constitution’s interstate commerce clause.
The Senate version was approved 3-1 by the Judiciary Committee and sent to the full body for consideration. Republican Sens. Jones, Schuitmaker and Rocca voted “yes” and Democrat Sen. Bieda voted “no.” Meanwhile, House Speaker Jase Bolger told Mirs News the House will go slow on taking up gun bills given that emotions are still raw after the horrific Newtown school shooting in December.

House Bill 4098: Authorize school employee concealed pistols with appropriate training
Introduced by Rep. Greg MacMaster (R) on January 24, 2013, to make an exception to the “gun free school” provision of the state concealed pistol permit law, and explicitly allow a teacher, administrator, or other school employee to carry a concealed pistol if the school’s chief executive officer authorizes this and the individual has received whatever additional training is considered appropriate by the chief executive. Referred to committee, no further action at this time.

House Bill 4104: Expand concealed pistol law “gun free zone” to libraries
Introduced by Rep. Andy Schor (D) on January 24, 2013, to expand the “gun free zone” provision of the concealed pistol permit law to include public libraries. The bill would also prohibit carrying firearms openly (unconcealed) in a library. Some gun owners have protested local library gun bans recently by openly carrying firearms in the library; nothing in state law explicitly prohibits the open carry of firearms. Referred to committee, no further action at this time. 

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