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Senate Bill 1069, Cut tax imposed on manufacturers' tools and equipment: Passed 23 to 14 in the Senate
To eliminate (starting in 2015) the so-called “personal property tax” on tools and equipment used by manufacturing firms (including things like assembly lines), starting with new equipment acquired from the start of 2012. The bill would also phase out the tax on existing equipment over a seven-year period beginning in 2015. Senate Bill 1072 would earmark tax revenue that now pays for previously-granted “corporate welfare” tax breaks and subsidies to reimburse local governments for the proposed reduction in revenue caused by this tax cut. The “personal property tax” currently costs businesses statewide around $1.2 billion annually, which would eventually be reduced by around $470 million.

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Senate Bill 1070, Cut tax imposed on small business tools and equipment: Passed 23 to 14 in the Senate
To exempt commercial businesses (including ones that aren't manufacturers) whose tools and equipment in a particular community have a taxable value of less than $40,000 from the so-called “personal property tax,” which is imposed at the same rate as regular property taxes on buildings and land. Senate Bills 1069 and 1071 would exempt all tools and equipment used by manufacturers from the tax. This is part of the package would save businesses around $70 million annually.

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Senate Bill 933, Exclude medical marijuana from workers comp insurance: Passed 35 to 2 in the Senate
To exclude medical marijuana treatment from reimbursement under the coverage provided to injured and disabled workers through the worker's compensation insurance that employers are required to maintain. Another bill in the package would exclude medical marijuana from the coverage provided to individuals seriously injured in vehicle wrecks under the state's no fault auto insurance law.

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House Bill 5164, End government inspections of non-motorized rental boats: Passed 106 to 0 in the House
To eliminate a requirement that rental boats that are non-motorized, including canoes, kayaks or rafts, must get government inspections. The bill would slightly increase the fees for annual rental motorboat inspections, and revise other details of boat rental regulations.

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Senate Bill 768, Ban electronic cash register dirty tricks devices: Passed 107 to 0 in the House
To prohibit the possession, manufacture or sale of an automated sales suppression device (also called a “zapper” or “phantom-ware”), defined as a “software program carried on a memory stick or removable compact disc . . . that falsifies the electronic records of electronic cash registers and other point-of-sale systems.”

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