Samuel Adams, widely believed to have instigated the Boston Tea Party, once said it didn't take an activist majority to prevail, "but rather an irate, tireless minority keen to set brush fires in people's minds." In this spirit, the Mackinac Center offers these resources to citizens seeking to restore limited, representative government.

Sights and Sounds of a Lansing Tea Party

April 15, 2010, Tax Day Protest at the Michigan Capitol (2:04)

Tea Party Toolbox
A bipartisan, self-serving, self-perpetuating political class has escaped the people's control. Tea party activists can use three key tools to help regain that control.

Seven Principles of Sound Public Policy
Approaching issues with an open mind does not mean approaching them with an empty one. The assumption that free-market economies are superior to central planning is no longer an opinion; rather, it is a settled truth for people who value reason and experience.

101 Recommendations
For those serious about restoring freedom and economic vitality in the Great Lakes State.

Michigan Capitol Confidential is the news source for residents seeking alternatives to bigger government. provides concise, plain, objective descriptions of every bill, amendment and vote in the Michigan Legislature.

Calendar of Michigan Tea Party events, compiled by Michigan Activists.

April 15, 2010: Ken Braun on WMKT Radio
The managing editor of the Mackinac Center's Michigan Capitol Confidential discusses what Tea Party participants need to do to effect meaningful change. Click the arrow. Time: 30:20.

Feb. 3, 2010: State of the Citizen
"Iced Tea Party" Rally, Outside the Capitol, Lansing

April 15, 2009: Tea Parties and Policy Revolutions
"Good government is limited government."

What Unites the Tea Party Movement?
Grievance, Target, Goal.

Speaking Truth About Power
Excerpts from Tax Day comments by Mackinac Center analysts.

What's Next for Michigan Tea Parties?
Tea Partiers will need to keep the pressure on the political class after November.

Our Bad Habits of Democracy
The current crisis came about because the people let the political class escape their control.

Profile of a Tea Partier
Not a billionaire in the bunch, and all their grass is real.

Restoring Our Heritage of Property Rights
America’s Founders designed a system of government to protect property rights.

The Government Bubble
As government grows, the lives of the people shrink.

Advice From the Nanny State
Just remember: The state knows what's best for you.

Economic Freedom and Human Prosperity
Economic freedom brings energy and meaning to human life.

The Inspiring Story of Thomas Clarkson
How one person changed the world.

The Mackinac Center's Role
The Mackinac Center doesn't organize political protests, run campaigns, lobby lawmakers or tell citizens who to vote for. But we do inform citizens about the law, the economy, the legislative process and their options in a democratic republic.